Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clueless. Nuts.

People might think that I am nuts. But I'm not.
I don't know how to say it out.
I am too crazy..

I think many people hate me..
But act like they love me..
Act or truth?

By right, I miss SMKWM2 friends!
They didn't talk to me in MSN like last time..
I am down.. Down.. Really down..

I miss Shaun Lee..
Who knows?
我最想念的人就是他 永远不变 爱他 no stop!

I miss that guy named Ang..
Who accompanied me going back home for 5 months!
Why he just? 不够friend.

I miss that girl.. That sweet lovely girl..
She smsed me frequently..
Sometimes, I thought she had changed.
But who knows? I am not by her side already..


New school got even worse..
I don't know who is my close friends..
Sometimes I think it's her but
not her.

Shaun Lee said Up Down Up Down..
I am being cheerful these days!
His words can change me..

But I really cannot stand!

I act I am happy
I act I am nice, always smiling
I act I am brilliant
I act I am a top student
Just to fulfill something empty in me..

I am searching for seniors in my new school
I want to search one just like the old one..
I don't have the fate..

And I am really going to be nuts..


Everywhere I look
I am reminded that someone else is prettier, smarter or even more popular..
Can't help but think,
If I only had their hair, clothes, personality, their boyfriend..
Then I'd be happy..

I admit..


But everything I do just seem to fail.
Everybody seems to be too busy to care.


Fish-Shi Yee said...

u can come back to wangsa maju anytime...
if u want...
jz like he said up down up
in this world there dun have anything won change....
everything alway changing
from primary skul go secondary skul the ppl and enviroment will change after secondary skul u will go collage again everything will change again and again...
after collage to university and to the society.....everything alway changing.. so v have to learn...
this is the way how v grow up to b adult and more mature...
jz follow the correct way...which u choose...

amy 美琪-kaykay- said...

Thks shiyee.
Don get jelous cause i never write yr name.
I actually also miss you.

Fish-Shi Yee said...

lol nvm lo...
the ppl u miss most i know not me...
is xxx and xxx....
cheer up
no one want to see ur moody face ok?

amy 美琪-kaykay- said...

lol! what do you mean?
moody face?
haha. i'm not moody.
i'm just kinda disappointed.