Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Odd day.

Wednesday again. So fast one week already~ Last week, at this day, me and my second sister were at Cap Square. =)

This morning, my sister sent me to school. She was so good. Woke up early in the morning and sent me to school. Reached school, Z.Yin popped out in front of me. So suddenly, and of course I'm a little bit shocked. Went up to Bilik Kesihatan to measure weight and height. I'm taller and lighter already~ huhuhu.. I'm taller than Sya, B.Teng and Z.Yin.. Same height with S.Phing.. and of course shorter than S.Man! So proud. Wahaha ;)

After that, it was BM class. Teacher was absent. So, we played 'cho dai di'. Ha ha, so naughty right? When it's recess time, after eat eat, I accompanied S.Man and Z.Yin to the staff room. They wanted to ask for scholarship 'biasiswa'.. I wanted to ask also but not qualified! Continued with our Science class after that.. We learned bout food digestive.. The Chinese boys kept laughing and laughing on this topic.. Last class, BI class. Learned bout adjectives and adverb. (still remember) haha! But we were so tired on the last class. ZzzzZzzz.

1.10pm. I walked out of the school, saw my second sister. She brought food for me. She so kind. But unfortunately, no coccuriculum. It was cancelled. So, we walked home together. I think she was disappointed because she already cooked the tasty fried rice. Yum-yumm..

I slept from 3pm to 6pm.. If there's no movie in TV.. I won't wake up also.. Hee2.. I can hardly wake up if I already sleep.. Lame hor? After that, me and my second sister went down and are our dinner..

I hope my parents will enjoy themselves in BeiJing. I hope my eldest sister will always be happy and study smart in her university. I hope my second sister can get into good university on June soon. I hope I can study hard and make my parents happy. I love my family very much.


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