Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photography day :)

This morning, I was wearing slippers to school. No kidding. ha ha. Actually, it's raining heavily, so I wore slippers. I don't like when it's raining in the morning because I need to walk to school! I don't want to wear slippers because quite disturbing. But my sister asked me to do so.. Then, when I reached school, I went into the ladies.. Washed my leg and wore my school shoe.. ha ha.. S.Man laughed at me because I put my slippers and the umbrella ( in plastics) into my bag! Make it look like so so big..

After some moments, we went into the class. Encik Asim started giving us homework before the photography session starts.. Then, got form 5 students went into our class and asked us to go down.. Waited bout half an hour only reached our class turns 2DK11! :) Haha.. Our class's students were too many.. So, got to add some chairs.. Ha ha.. Sorry, Raffiq, cause I do some 'tanduk' behind him on the freestyle photo! B.Teng and me did the same pose. S.Man didn't do anything. LOL..

Went into the class, and started our class again.. I was so blur already because my heart was still on the photography.. I wanted to take more pictures.. I was blur until the last class, Sej.. Teacher asked us to go to the library.. And he gave us some chapter 3 questions. I was so so tired.. Teacher said can use the text book.. But I never use it.. And after I checked the answer with SM, I think I have made alot of mistakes! But anyway, I wanted to be independent.. Then in the library, I was writing some messages with SP.. ha ha.. And, my school's library got buku sinaran of SMKWM2! :)

Opppsss, got to go.. Doing home works in front of the PC.. Blah.. I got confused on Maths.. New chapter.. =) Jia youu.. BB..


Qad C said...

Yay for sinaran!
The blue on is it?
whadda you think of it

amy 美琪-kaykay- said...

yay for sinaran?
what does that mean?
last year sinaran got already?~
i not yet take :)