Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blank Thursday.

Creator oh creator. Today, my creator cannot think out any title. Be more creative. he he. Anyway, if you got idea only tell me! If don't have, nevermind, don't feel guilty.

Last night, my second sister and my dad went to see my grandmother (dad's side). Grandma was admitted on 26/4 and was discharge yesterday. I never went along as I need to attend my co curriculum. Haiz. I wish, I hope, I pray grandma will be okay and will be as healthy as before!

My second sister bought some face product for me. It's RM 40. She bought one for mum too. RM 60 if wasn't mistaken. It's cream for night to prevent double chin. It's for contouring and firming my face. It's only 7 ml and it worth RM40. ( sister, are you trying to tease me by buying me that? ). She replied 'NO'. Anyway, after I applied the cream, I can sleep well at night. I think it's not for contouring, it's for good sleeping.

I forgot about this. Last two days, my sister pierced her ear. Ear piercing at 20 years old. Quite old? I also wanted to pierce. Cause it seemed to be cool! I want. I want. I want. I want to pierce my nose, my tongue. What do you think? Ha ha.

This morning, reached school. Assembly and everything like usual.

~First lesson was Maths. Teacher reached the class before we did. Teacher taught us about the construction. My brain's memory became lesser after attending Maths class. This always do.
~Second lesson was Geo. Copied notes like usual.
~Next lesson was Seni (Art) which was after recess time. Teacher gave us a piece of paper. Not asking us to draw but asking us to do some quiz. English quiz. Questions in the paper are weird.
~Last class, Moral. Did nothing. Teacher was teaching us Maths, instead of Moral. I felt a short sharp pain in my stomach. Stomachache again! Gosh.

I had never laugh before it's recess. It's boring. Everyone was busy with their works. S.Man was doing Sudoku. B.Teng accompanied S.Man playing the Sudoku. S.Sya was with them too. S.Phing was singing quietly. Z.Yin was boring but I don't know what to chat with her. I was invisible in their eyes, perhaps.

But when it's recess time, I saw J.Eng and Sherlin. OMG. I kept on laughing with J.Eng. I joked and she joked. I love it. J.Eng is so adorable. She will totally be one of my best friends, if she don't mind. And Sherlin too. I'm relax being with them. I hope we could get into the same class next year. :)



XiiaoBenDan said...

sorry a xD
i'm not enough creative :X
by the way...
wish your grandma get well soon^^

Anonymous said...

i don't mind to be your best friend, but remember i am a human not a medicine

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

hehe. thanks xiao ben dan.
no lah. that one i just write only.


happy. haha. best friend is always the medicine. that is the fact. cannot change. hehehe.

Anonymous said...