Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow Wednesday.

My creator never give me the title today. So, I create it myself. Kakaz.

Yesterday, Amirah C smsed me. She asked me to message Puan Rogayah. So, I did. Then, teacher called me. I was nervous and scared to answer phones from teachers. This is the second teacher that called me since I am in the secondary. So, we talked. She said, I'm going to receive prize on Anugerah Cemerlang next Thursday (7 May) and I need to go back to school (SMKWM2). Wow.

I'm excited on that. Can meet all my old friends. So miss them! I quickly informed Sen that I will be back. She was excited too. She said I will surely don't have time for her because many friends will rampas me especially S.Yee. He he. But I replied : maybe they forgot me already and if i will be with you the whole day, don't complaint. Ha ha.

This morning. Went to school like usual. Wearing my PBSM T-shirt(hot). First class was PJK. I played badminton with them. SWEAT~ After PJK was BM. Teacher never come, therefore, Z.Yin chatted with me because all the other friends were busy playing 'Sudoku'. Recess~

And science. Science, teacher gave us notes and we copied. Talking talking. Nothing special happened. But when the class was almost to end, KKSiong showed me something. =.- Very abnormal thing. He showed me a drawing ( don't know who drew ) of a girl wearing 'bikini'. Are you something wrong, KKSiong? Then, S.Sya kept teasing me because he showed me, not them!

After all, it's BI class. We had 'DEBATE' on this class. I like to have DEBATE and dad asked me to debate with my friends. Girls VS Boys. Ka kax. Anyway, no winner. We just debate and talked about our own opinions. The class was totally noisy. Because girls was quarrelling with boys. Argument between us. I'm one of the girls who try to defend for ourselves. Anyway, it's pretty fun. The most noisy people were Sri, Raffiq, KKSiong, Vinosa and me.

Today is Wednesday. Thus, co-curriculum day. Science and Maths club. ~We were in the laboratory. My eyes were so painful because teacher didn't switch on the lights and were having some presentation on the screen. It was boring. And it was raining cats and dogs.

Next was PBSM. We were needed to built a group that contained 10 members. We drew the logo of PBSM. I drew it badly. And after that, we were required to create / invent 2 songs. I meant 2 hand-chapping. ( Don't know how to explain the word ).

Last one, Badminton. I played badminton with the girls. And KKSheng challenged me. It was a tie and draw. I SWEAT a lot again. At around 6pm, we started to play with J.Yu and K.Tou. J.Yu was pro. I was boasting that I was representing my old school to play. Boasting~ But actually I don't really play well. I was crazy because I kept laughing since started to play with them. I was like a mad woman. He he.

When I reached home, I quickly grabbed my plate and have my dinner. Because my stomach was craving for food and it kept on making noise. Ha ha. Tired.

Today is KKSiong's 14th birthday. I hope he will always happy, healthy, wealthy and of course pretty. Okay la, handsome la. Take care. Be mature!!



zainalalieff said...

Cewah! I'm singing man that day! Haha!

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

I'm going to support you.
sing which song?


yeah, the debate is totally noisy!
the BEST debate ever:)

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

but the boys were kinda rude too.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

yes...boys were very rude...hahaha
oh my god.....khai sheng's badminton racket was stolen.....i must help him to find back......i think the first thing is report to the teacher or headmaster......

XiiaoBenDan said...

long story...
i also don't know how to reply xP
by the good can play with boys lols :X

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

good can play with boys? haha.
khai sheng's racket missing?
wow. what a news.

but what i knew was SMKDK have a lot of stealer.

one year in my old school, nothing missing but one month in the new school, my purse went missing. urm.