Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sports correction.

I just received a news from Manisha. She said we got the third place. I am not really sure about it. She told me through Msn. She said another group was cancelled because ran wrong lane. I went home early. So, I did not know what happened. Anyway, just wait and see lah.

And latest update. Gamma got number 2 if I am not mistaken. Wow. I'm really happy. Gamma got number 4 last year according to my friends. I wasn't here last year. This year I am here and next year I will surely be here!! Support GAMMA!! ]

Mummy said the worm was a centipede. What's on my mind was 'centipede' je mah. Mum then said that if the centipede had bitten me once, I could have died. OMG! How? I don't know if the centipede has bitten me or not. Now, my legs feeling a bit itchy. Maybe I 'tai duo xin' too much heart le! Haiz. I cannot die, I still got many things to do. I still have many dreams that haven't achieve yet!!


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