Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday. Easter.

Sharp at 8pm, I went down from my condominium. Waited for S.Phing at the guardhouseof my condominium. Waited for around 15 minutes only. The guard was flirting around with me. Gosh.

S.Phing then arrived with her mother. I went into the car and our next destination was S.Man's house. We were going there to fetch her. S.Man tied her hair into two. Looks quite cute.

We reached S.Phing's house at 8.30pm. We chit-chated with B.Teng and J.Eng. At around 8.45pm, S.Phing's father read a babble. We all then watched a movie related to 'The Jesus'. Quite meaningful. But, I'm not a Christian. During the movie, we ate mihun and some fast-food. Enjoyable :)

When the movie ended, we chit-chated again. I played English Chess with S.Phing's brother. He was begging me to play Chinese Chess with him but I didn't. Because I knew I don't really know how to play the chinese one. I lose to him because I was in a rush. Okay lah, I admit I'm not good lah. Ha ha.

The time B.Teng and J.Eng stepped out of S.Phing's house, there was no electricity. I was screaming and holding S.Man's hand. She was mad because I hold her hand too tight. S.Man said I'm like a baby. Haih. Anyway, the whole house was dark and I can't see anybody until the candle was lighted.

S.Man was transferring some songs to a girl (S.Phing's mother's friend's daughter). Ha ha. At 11pm, S.Phing's mother drove us home. Feeling scared when walking down the staircase of S.Phing's condominium. Very very dark. Feeling was like acting in the ghost movie. Horror.

In the car, we were discussing quite a lot of things. About us lah. S.Man said '可爱' can also be '可爱有人爱' but I always defend that '可爱' means '可怜没人爱'.. And S.Phing also got said something but I forgot already.

Reached home. I felt safe and happy. I went into the bathroom and had my teeth brushed. I was here writing blog at 11.50pm. Good night and cheers.


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