Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sports Day.

This morning, S.Man called me. I woke up at 5.30am. It's still early, so, I slept again. I thought I will wake up by myself. But, I overslept. At 6.45am, S.Man called me and told me that she was at the guardhouse of my condominium. I was surprised. I quickly went down without brushing my teeth and get changed. I saw S.Man and her brother. We went up to my house .I brushed my teeth and quickly changed my cloth.

We took a taxi near my house. Arrived at the school, many people said HI to me. Me and B.Teng then walked to our camp. The field was really muddy. I hate it very much.

I ran 200 metres. And I got number 4. And my legs was really dirty. Dirty then ever. B.Teng also scared seeing my legs. My pants and shirts were grayish. I washed my legs in the ladies. And wore my shoe because walking with no shoe is really irritating!!

We ate our food in the canteen of SK Setapak Indah. S.Man was mad. She wanted to get home fast. So,I told her to go home with her brother first. I still have to run. She was angry when she left us. We did get on her nerves. Me, S.Sya, B.Teng and J.Eng walked here and there after S.Man went home. We chit-chatted. We were discussing about S.Man's bad-temper. We don't quite like her attitude but we're still friends. As a friend, we need to be understanding.

I was worried about my transports home. I borrowed J.Eng's phone to call home and I asked mum to ask dad to come and fetch me at 1pm. I was blur and confused with the directions. Hence, J.Eng said she can ask her dad to fetch me home. She said it's same way also. I'm glad to have such friend. She is a kind girl.

I ran for 4 x 100 metres after that. Manisha wanted to run but her legs were injured. I suggested her to rest but she refused. She still wanted to run. She was the 1st runner. She ran and got the last position. I was the 2nd runner. It's a far distance for me to catch up the 4rd-position runner. So, I ran real fast. I managed cut the 4rd-position runner. I passed the baton to a Malay girl. And the conclusion was, we get number 4. I was disappointed. Haiz. I wished we could at least got number 3.Sorry because I think I will blame it on Manisha. I knew blaming is bad but I can't stop myself. I'm bad!

While walking back to the place where my friends were standing, I fell down. So embarrassing. I felt mad and were not satisfied at all. I got number 4 in 200 metres, 4x100metres, 800 metres. Which don't get me any medal. I will try again next year!!!!!I didn't get to see the final result. Eventually, Kota Gamma will be losing this year. Seems to be a bad year huh?

J.Eng's grandfather drove me and S.Sya home. So tired. Reached home and I went into the bathroom.I started washing my school shoe and the sports shoe I wore today. It's dirty. I washed twice. Mum was surprised to see my cloth. She needs to wash all my cloth. He he. But the washing machine will do it's job de.What I was surprised and felt sorry was, my mummy saw a worm when she was soaking my clothes. She screamed. She scared the worm had bitten me and my mum said maybe it's poisonous. I think no gua.

*No picture was taken due to my phobia*
*I'm phobia on bringing something costly-looking to school*
*My purse went missing two months back in SMKDK*
*I need to be very careful on my belongings especially being in SMKDK*


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