Thursday, May 28, 2009

MAY be.

Allright.. Today is the last day of school for me.. I mean the mid-year holiday is here.. Tomorrow, I am not going to school because I am heading to Genting for two days! B.Teng, S.Man, Z.Yin also will follow me skipping the school tomorrow. [她们很够朋友][kidding]! But S.Sya and S.Phing are going because they are school prefect ~ got stuff to do.

This holiday might be very boring because my parents have to work. I just have to stay at home~ Enjoy my meal, bed and book [if I am hardworking enoug ]. It will just be for a fortnight. Happy holidays everyone.

Let's back to the topic~ I mean my daily routine at school. Sherlin never come. That makes our day quite dull [ during recess ]. Sherlin - Don't "pongtet" [Sherlin's way of writing 'ponteng'] anymore la! Ha ha.

I woke up at 6.30am today. Back to my usual wake-up time. I wasn't feeling very well. Muscles pain and a little stomachache. Anyway, went to school like usual. After assembly, headed to the class. Nothing special actually happened.

So, first class Maths. Puan Norizan gave us back our paper. Only paper one. I got 38/40 and so do Sri Kabelan. After checking and trouble shooting the wrong answers. We both achieved 40/40, full marks for paper one~

I worked 24-7 during the exam week. I really hope I could achieve good results. After Maths, it was Geo. We got our marks but not papers. Sri got 90% ( so high ). I only got 80%. What a result. Anyway, I am still quite satisfied.

Recess. Ate the patatoes [马铃薯]. Seni~ Teacher never came into our class. The class was so NOISY today ( normal lah, mood after exam )!! Last class, Moral. So bored. So boring. Hence, my first term for 2009 is now ended. New term, new hopes. :') JUNE is coming!! Bye MAY..



XiiaoBenDan said...

no brother said his class got so lilke decoration for teacher's day...
so...i guess all teachers are going there for decorate ~.~
so go for what??
haha xD...
go there inside class day dreaming :x
so no go lor~...><
make you so boring today in recess x)...
and wish you have a great day in genting tomorrow yarh :D

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

you too.
enjoy your holidays k!
always be careful o!