Sunday, May 31, 2009

Genting Highlands 2009 Day One.

I didn't go to school on Friday. Reason - [ as I mentioned in my previous post ].

FRIDAY - I woke up at 7am. You can call it, too excited. I am always excited on trips or visits. I, then, accompanied mummy to the morning market. After eating lunch, I urged mum and dad to move fast.

Before going to Genting Highlands, we went to fetch my grandmother. She loves going to Genting Highlands or any outing with her sons or daughters ( mum is one of it ). After picking her up, we continued our journey to Genting Highlands. [been there for so many times, uncountable].

I was sitting beside my dad in the car because mummy want to sleep at the back. I am a good navigator, actually. Because everyone slept during the journey except me and dad. Ha ha! Luckily, dad's car managed to go up the hill without any failure~ [I saw quite a amount of cars stopping because the engine spoilt or something like that, pity them].

Reached Genting Highlands. Dad was searching for car park. After so long only we found a nice car park. Dad then went into the lobby to check-in. This time, we accommodate in Resort Hotel. We just needed to wait for 5 minutes and everything was done. Unlike First World Hotel, waited for 30 minutes also haven't reached our turn to check-in.

The room was Okay. But the facilities and features were excellent. It was very convenience. And, I love the large MIRROR near the pathway to the entrance [took loads of ugly pictures of myself there] and the TOILET!. When I was capturing picture there, I thought grandmother is going to said I am very [ u know ] but she didn't. Instead, she said something that impressed me. Ha ha. Resort Hotel was much more better than First World Hotel where we used to accommodate in when we visited Genting.

We rested for a while as everyone was tired with the about an-hour-journey. Grandmother was rushing us to go down for a walk and to take her to the casino for gambling. Dad and grandmother went into casino. Me, mum and second sister went for a walk. I fancied the cool breeze and wind in Genting. It was really refreshing. Mum bought me a pair of black trousers and a pair of earing for sister.

Aunt Melissa and Bilal reached at around 5.30pm. We went back to the hotel to have our dinner. I wanted to watch the " To grow with love [肥田喜事] " movie but Aunt Melissa asked us to go down with her to have a walk AGAIN. My pair of legs were sour already. So, Aunt Melissa and Bilal continued walking around and to the casino while we returned to the hotel to rest.

We watched movies when dad and grandmother came back from casino for dinner. I wanted to sleep so much! But, dad invited us for a walk. We sent grandmother to her favourite place, the casino. Mum wanted to follow grandmother for her safety purpose. Mum hate gambling.

Then, me, dad and sister went to have a relaxing and scenic ride on Genting Skyway cable cars. RM 10 for two ways ( return ). We were provided with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills at a comfortable speed to the top in the perfect mood. It was only 3.4 km [one way]. 6 metres / second.

After that, we went waiting for them outside the casino. Sister was underage, same like me. But she could get in because the guard didn't notice that she is only 20. She went in with dad. I was waiting outside alone~ Peoples were smoking and looking at me very weirdly. I started to feel uncomfortable, boring and tired. Waited for around 30 minutes, I called sister to come out. After 10 minutes only she came out.

Me, sister, Aunt Melissa and Bilal went back into the room~ Bilal suggested a games. So, we played :) It was nice. We were laughing like no body does. Mum, dad and grandmother then returned to the hotel. They slept after having a bath. Me, sister, Aunt Melissa and Bilal went for a walk again. This time, the wind was really cool and I was freezing. I slept sharp at 2am.

Dad thought of extending our stay in Resort Hotel till Sunday. Unfortunately, when we asked the receptionist, the rooms were fully booked.

Grab this picture from Genting website. I took pictures but wasn't nice at all (cause of not posting). But this picture was exactly the same or just a little different.

Genting Skyway cable cars is currently the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system :) It was nice. 11 minutes @ 6 metres per second. Recommended by me. Ha ha.


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