Friday, May 29, 2009


"It" was already a past~ But I still want to talk about "it". "It" was the precious and attractive mid-year exam. I wasn't as nervous as when I took my UPSR exam but I was still a little excited + nervous at the same time for "it"!

BEFORE exam.
Few weeks before exam, I was lazy and lethargic. I don't feel like taking any book or looking at any reading materials. Just stay in front of the computer and starting chatting or writing blog instead. Few days before exam, I felt a feeling deep inside my heart~ EXCITEMENT. That time, I wasn't reading any book nor sleeping too much. Felt like taking the exam AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

DURING exam.
I was rushing everything because I wasn't ready yet - especially when it came to the last three days of exam. I read books or text books, the day before the examination. It was late, actually. [ eleventh hour ma ]. Panicked.

AFTER exam.
I am glad I finished this exam safe and sound~ I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because I don't need to wake up too early in the morning or taking a book to read everywhere I walked. I am sad because no more exam, means no more sleep in class and no more sitting at my precious place.

Anyone interested in knowing what is my target? I asked quite a number of people what are their targets? Surely or mostly, would answer " All As " which means straight As. Everyone would like to achieve straight As and not straight Es right?? Sorry, this sounds a little crazy. And here's my target. Not too high. Nor too low.
BM = 83 % ( A )
BI = 85 % ( A )
MT = 95% ( A )
SN = 85 % ( A )
SEJ = 85% ( A )
GEO = 80 % ( A ) ~ ended up 80%.
KH = 88 % ( A )
MRL = 90% ( A )
SVK = 80% ( A )
SENI = 70% ( B )
PJK = 70% ( B )
* will update the result when I get it.

26 random FACTS about this exam..
0 ) Get to sleep in class.
1 ) I used my right hand to write/answer/calculate(calculator).
2 ) No homework loading.
3 ) Class was very silent. [everybody ZzzZz]
4 ) My last-minute reading did work.
5 ) Teachers were always checking on us.
6 ) Teachers scolded the Chinese boys [a lot].
7 ) Kksheng farted for at least 7 times. [obviously, purposely]
8 ) B.Teng looked at me so many times. [weird].
9 ) All bags were located at the back the class.
10 ) My black pen finished ink cause of writing BM essay.
11 ) Most of B.Teng's spotted answers were right.
12 ) Sat for 2 hours. I was mad during the Moral examination.
13 ) Whale have furs? Blur!!
14 ) Bringing a book everywhere I go.
15 ) Don't need to bring heavy bag. A small and light will do.
16 ) Accidentally took two KH papers without realising.
17 ) Rubber / eraser missing at nowhere.
18 ) KKSiong slept until don't know time.
19 ) B.Teng looks like her sister when she take off her spectacles.
20 ) S.Man was so happy, she could sit near the window.
21 ) S.Sya was happy too, she sat beside Sri.
22 ) Z.Yin and S.Phing were so serious.
23 ) I crossed my legs when I felt lazy and tired.
24 ) Trying hard to guess what questions are coming out.
25 ) Less TV, less comp and less sleep. [important point]
26 ) I have no idea already~



Chrislena° said...

Are you feel better now~ LoLx..

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

that science......fur i put eagle....teacher told me to do so......the science teacher will give me correct^^..and u know.....our science teacher allowed us write the answer in bahasa melayu except chinese and hindustan...

XiiaoBenDan said...

walao...jumbohead so good @.@...
-.-....our teacher don't know teacher what kind of shit!! xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

Chrislena / hueyling : I'm okay.

You TWO : But in PMR exam, no malay ma!! Teacher not supposed to give answers. Clue may be accepted. Because we cannot test our own ability and capabilty. Anyway, good lucks on the result ya!