Sunday, May 31, 2009

Genting Highlands 2009 Day Two.

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Day Two > SATURDAY - It was already bright at 6.45am in Genting. I didn't sleep much or I can't sleep at all. I kept turning here and there during the time frame from 2 to 6am. I woke sister and dad up. I slept back. They took turns to have their baths. At 7.30am, I officially woke up. I have my shower after 30 minutes of waking up. VERY VERY COLD although I used hot water to bath.

After breakfast, we checked-out. It was only about 10am. We were supposed to check-out at 12am. But we were to be earlier. Sent grandmother to the casino again. Mum, dad, sister and me went to buy the theme park tickets.

We bought 4 tickets costing RM 44 each. The board is writen RM 34 @ peak season. But when we were to buy, the person said it was RM 44 @ peak season. She claimed that they have a meeting yesterday to increase the prices. What a sudden. Anyway, after buying, we were giving a water resistible wristband.

Firstly, we played Pirate Ship. We were needed to queue for it. It was not long to queue on this game early in the morning. I thought mum and dad will be scared. But I was wrong. Instead, I was scared during the first ride.

After that, went to the Space Shot. Not very long queue. 10 minutes only. I was so high up, then it came down as fast as lightening. I was crazy shocked although I had played these games before.

Then, played Grand Prix Fun Kart / Go Kart. Queueing for about 40 minutes. I was really going to be crazy for waiting. I got the chance to drive sports car like Micheal Schumacher. There were 14 cars. I was the third last being released. But I managed to catch up with dad and mum who were the third and fourth to be released. Ha ha. ^^ It was really fun. Simone and family arrived.

We were needed to line up so long for every games after this. Ride Matahari. It was slow. And not thrilling. Next, it was Spinner. Swing, swing, fly, fly. So free like a bird. Next, ride the monorail. It was so slow. I hope it could move faster. So big round and so slow. Boring. But mum likes it. Have LUNCH. After that, dad went back into casino because he wasn't feeling well (stomachache).

Played other games such as Sg.Rejang [9pm] , Flying Dragon [5pm] , Rolling Thunder Mine Train [9.20pm] , Super Toboggan[6pm] , Cyclone[6.30pm & 9.40pm] , Tea Cup[4pm] , Pirate Train[8.30pm] , Flying Jumbo[8pm] , Double Deck Carousel[7.30pm] , Crazy Space Lab[7pm] and visited Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland[3pm]. Corkscrew was closed for maintenance - the 360 degree roller coaster.

So, I said waiting is so yesterday. I waited for the queue at least 10 minutes and the most 50 minutes. Anyway, some for them are worth waiting.

I saw S.Phing and her family when I played Pirate Ship with my cousins. We were awkward. I don't know what to chat with her. So do she, I guessed. We were sitting in the same Pirate Ship. We two were so lucky, Genting Theme Park is so big and spacious, also we could meet. Is that what they called it, fate or destiny?

We went out when the theme park closed. It was 10pm. We haven't take our DINNER. All the adults went to casino to search for grandmother. While we, children, Sister, Chyng Yee, Simone and Me sat inside McDonald drinking coca cola :) Still haven't intake any food yet. I was so tired already~

At 11.30pm, we started our journey back KL. In car park, dad almost bum/hit into some one's car. Dad said he was tired. I was so afraid as the men in the car were like gangsters. So, I got to help dad to see cars and the dark road along the way down the hill. Mum and sister were asleep half way. Grandmother chatted with me along the way home to make me fresh although I was sleepy.

We had our dinner at 1.30am at Sri Rampai. We ate " bak kut teh ". Is it dinner or supper or breakfast? Ha ha! We reached our home sweet home at 2am. Took bath , dry my hairs and slept. And now I am having muscle ache. I guessed I walked too much in Genting Highlands.



XiiaoBenDan said...

so long~ :D
like it XD...
so good...can play theme parl out doors de ><
say truely...i never play out doors game before...
my father,inside casino listen people singing,mother...dare not play -.-
almost lost more then RM1000 -.-...
and only left one can play with ._.V
so..i only can play indoors games -.-...
boring~the roller coaster in in doors are so........not fun!!
out doors better ><

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

glad u like reading cause many ppl hate reading long long de.

erm. outdoor, yesterday the roller coaster was closed.

wah lose 1000 ar! wow. ur aunty is willing to be so risky.

XiiaoBenDan said...

i mean...1day lose 400+ then next time come again lose again...
soooooooo add up 1000+ lor hehe xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...