Monday, June 1, 2009


I am going to PK soon. I used and spent a lot of money nowadays. I am going to be broke. Guess you can call it, bankrupt or out of money~ First day of June and I am broke - ha, funny!

Still got 13 days to go for school to reopen. :]

I cut my hair for the first time in 2009 today. In 2008, at least, I have 4 hair-cuts. Once every three months. But this year, I don't felt like cutting my hair~ But mum asked me to go and cut it as soon as possible because she believes that I will always be hot with the quite messy hair.

Since kindergarten, mum will always send me to the aunt to cut my hair. When I was in kindergarten, I asked mum. I asked her, " how if my teacher asks why my hair is so short? ". Mum told me to tell the teacher " I am hot, so I cut my hair short ". Ha ha. Thinking back - I think it was kinda funny.

Bye MAY,
Hello JUNE.


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