Monday, May 11, 2009


It's Monday again~ Time flies so fast. Lately, the weather is HOT HOT and HOT. It's neither raining nor drizzling for nearly a week already. When the fan or air-cond is switched off, I will sweat a lot!

This morning. Went to school like usual. I don't want to be special because of my birthday. So, just chit-chatted. The time I reached school, S.Man shouted quite loudly. Ha ha.

Today, my school form 4 and form 5 students are having their mid-year exams. I want to wish them all the best~ Hope they pass with flying colours.

After assembly was KH (living skill). We did nothing because most of us didn't bring our text books. So, we just kept quiet. Then, out of a sudden, teacher asked everybody to sing birthday song for me. Haiz. So shameful. S.Phing told teacher that today is my birthday.

Second class was erm.. I had forgotten. Wait, trying to refresh back. Erm, it was Moral. Yah, Moral. Did some exercises and we recess at 10am. I love them so much. *them*

After that is Science. Teacher was absent. Next class, Geografi. I was chasing them. I meant last Thursday I never came to school. So, I need to do double-work. Grr. Tiring. Last class, Maths~ Favourite class. Went home.

Till now, I received total sms wishes at the rank of 15 - 20 approximately. And 2 mms. Mostly from SMKWM2 friends. Thanks for remembering my birthday, friends.


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