Wednesday, May 13, 2009


At first, I never thought of writing any blog today. But since I reached school this morning, I wanted to get home quickly and write my blog.

Extremely overshot BORED. But lately, I don't feel too stress or depress because I'm being left alone or being betrayed by others. Cause I'm already used to it in this 2009. I don't feel like talking to anybody except my family and 3 of them. I scared they will let me down too, someday.

I reached school. Saw my friends. Then, assembly. After a while, went into the classroom. This is the usual daily routine for weekdays in school.

First class PJK. We studied today. Copied a lot of notes and did some exercises. Second class, BM. We did what teacher asked us to do. Then, recess~ Third class, Science. Did nothing. Last class, BI. Practising our choral speaking.

In Science class, they were so CRUEL. I really HATE them. I had tolerate a lot. I don't wish to say why and what reason. Why can't they feel what is the feeling being bulied? Especially the TWO of them. Or perhaps becoming THREE of them soon.

I thought I can adapt - being friends with them without changing myself and becoming one of them. So, I tried my best to stay away from them despite good friends. I don't want to be like them. They are so cruel and cold-blooded.

The question is what I can afford to do? They are the only ones I can be friends with in class. I have no choice. I wish I had never transferred to this school. Although, yes, it's more convenience and safe. But I'm not happy at all.

I had changed a lot since I moved school. This school has no problem at all but I had problem with them. I used to be 99% cheerful and friendly. I used to be a girl whom everybody think could be a friend with. I came across many obstacles. But I can face it. But now, I think I couldn't. I cried too easily. I don't make friends with everyone. And I'm not cheerful at all. CHEERLESS.

Yesterday was drizzling. So happy that it's raining again. [ I was talking like we're in the dessert desert*]. Ha ha. Now, it's raining cats and dogs too. ^-^



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

Why can't they feel what is the feeling being bulied? Especially the TWO of them. Or perhaps becoming THREE of them soon.....GOOD!!..i like that!
hahaha......release all your your true self.....dont let them always bully you(that is no need to hear my suggestion)hahahaha is a gift that is from yourself, to get this gift must keep happy now and always

...and not dessert(desert)

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

ya. desert*.
wow. your english so good.

my true self? should i beat/ scratch them back? or play with their hair? what i do also cannot fight with THEM. they are super good in energy fighting. haiz.

XiiaoBenDan said...

amy...2 of them 1 more is who?o.o
amy if me...i'll sure do them back ^^
they sucks~
they stupid~
they idiot ><
oppsy :X

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

another one.
i tell u in school lah.
but dont ask me in front of them o.
2dk11 is so boring.
i wish u and j.eng are in 2dk11.

XiiaoBenDan said...

promised =P

Anonymous said...

don't talk so much with them,i know your felling because i tried before