Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A month.

My sister is coming back from Sarawak next month : ) Yeayy. I miss her so much! Living without her is so 难受! ^-^ Hope she come back with many souvenirs. Ha ha Ha.

Holidays is so boring. I watched chinese drama online. But I watched half way only. The "love contract" hong kong drama~ I got nothing to do during this holiday. Any idea what to do?!

I didn't do anything much today. Just sleep, eat, sleep, eat. Online. And sms. So I have nothing to blog about. =="

Now, my handphone is out of battery and I am too lazy to charge it~ Because I don't dare to open and look at it. So long didn't receive message from em'. [ first week of the year for not receiving any ]. Lately, I felt my handphone isn't alive~


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