Monday, June 22, 2009


Wow. Once I online today, there was a few people sent me messages. They told me that SMK Wangsa Maju 2 [my old school] was already infected with the H1N1 virus. One of the student is confirmed having H1N1 .This is a real big news! SMKWM2 is going to be so popular! But I pity them who are still studying there. Must be worried right? Hope everything will be okay :) Hope it won't spread more and more!

I woke up late [AGAIN]. Dad woke me up. Without him, I am really going to get from Encik Juzvinder. Sister sent me to school. We did a performance on choral speaking during assembly. It was kind of embarrassing and funny. But never mind. I tried my best.

Up to class. Cik Aida told us that today is her last day teaching us. What a shocking news! I don't want to change teacher again! But I can't be too self-fish as she is continuing her studies. Puan Lau is moving too. OMG! I really hate this! Next class, Moral. Get my marks. 90% only!

Recess~ Science class, teacher taught us how to make ice-cream. We will be making it on Wednesday. Geografi. Laughing with teacher's funny jokes. Last class, Maths. Teacher only taught us for one period [40 minutes]. Another period is used to practise our choral speaking again! Practising under the SUN is really tiring. HATE ahh~

Nothing very special happened. Tired~


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