Thursday, July 23, 2009

My sisters.

Delayed since 28 June 2009.
Lately, I don't feel like delaying anything.
I felt uneasy with those postponed and delayed stuff.

I have 2 lovely or fierce sisters. One was 21 year-old, another was 19 year-old. See the differences? Their differences were only 2 years but I am 6 and 8 years respectively separated from them. I love when they bath me in sequences until I was around 5 year-old. So shameful.

When I am in primary, they woke me up every morning. My eldest sister will make me a cup of Milo and a piece of bread every morning. I am very happy with that life until I was around standard 4 or 5, I was needed to make all these myself. But I am happy, I still managed to become an independent girl.

We shared a lot of things. And also, argued a lot lo. They tried their best to be considerate and tolerate but I am very mischievous and didn't listen to them, very 野蛮and 霸道too! Now that they are not in home, I only realized how self-fish I was. Now, I am needed to do almost all the house chores myself. Last time, the chores were divided into three. Now, it is multiply by two for me. Regretted for my action.

Eldest sister got 11A1 in SPM. This make me very proud. And finally, STPM, she achieved 2A 2B, which qualified her to UPM to study architect. Since she was studying Science stream in SPM and STPM, why change to Art stream? A weird yet meaningful question. She dreamt to become a doctor, if I wasn't mistaken. With her result, I am sure she can but she don't want to. Such a waste!

My second sister. This made me more emotional only. She is too good already~ Sometimes too innocent but pretend to be cool. LoL. She got not bad result. 7A in SPM, she took STPM, and achieved 1A 2B 1C, which qualified her to go to UTHM, Johor to study construction managing. Again, Science stream switched to Art stream. But as long as you like!

I don't know whether I should follow their foot-step or go by my own? I miss them so much. One is in Selangor, another in Johor. Only come back few times a year. Now that, I need to do things alone. Take really good care of my parents and do whatever I can afford to do in the house. But I am too lazy, sometimes.

Sue-ann 姐 and Elaine 姐, I love and miss you two with my true heart. I really want to see you two soon. Thanks for all you have done for me. I really appreciate it. From your little sister [not so cute yet the cutiest among us three]. He he he.

Me and Sue-ann. Ha ha ha.

Elaine and the rabbit in our house balcony.

Me and Elaine. Vain daoo!!

Sueann with her birthday cake.


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