Wednesday, July 29, 2009


29 July 2009 Wednesday.
Rainy and sunny.

Yesterday, when I told my parents I am sick, they got shocked. LoL. Usually they don't get so worried when I am infected with some minor infection. But yesterday, mum was like " DON'T GO TO SWIM UNTIL THE H1N1 IS FULLY GONE ". Dad was like " DID YOU GET NEAR TO ANYBODY WHO IS SICK? ". Ha ha. I took 3 types of medicine yesterday. I hate medicine so much but I started learning to swallow medicine since 3 years old.

This morning, I wished it could rain. It was around 6.40am. Then, at 6.45am, I heard sound of thundering and finally at 6.50am, it rained cats and dogs. So happy that God listened to my wishes. Dad sent me to school although I refused. Normally, dad won't sent. Because I was sick, so, he was very good today. Needn't attend assembly. No PJK yet I am happy because I don't feel well. In PJ class, just practises for our drama which will be held today.

BM class. My group was the first group to present our drama. I have only 4 sentences to be said. Nothing really special. But when my name was announced for the character as KKSiong's ex-girlfriend, everybody cheers. OMG, I was to be the character without me wanted to be it. When we finished acting, I went back to my place, B.Teng, S.Man and S.Sya were a little angry cause they gave me so little script. Thanks for supporting.

Recess~ Sherlin wanted to go home because she was coughing [again?]. Many people in our school have the symptom of H1N1 which scares me a lot. My BI teacher was sick too. About recess, me, J.Eng and Z.Yin play play, our same daily routine. I always make them angry with my jokes. But they won't get angry. Ha ha.

Science class. I wrote 4 pages of notes. I can feel my hand is getting tired but I think S.Man and B.Teng were more tired because they were angry with the teacher the whole Science class. I can hear some harsh words coming out from them. They were too tension and stress, I guessed. But my advice, don't speak vulgar words and always calm down, so, no high blood pressure.

BI class. Last class, not paying attention to the teacher at all. Sorry teacher! Walked home with S.Sya, S.Phing and T.Tian. I was joking all day round - J.Eng, sorry lah bout the J.Yu's case. LOL. Today's getting better than yesterday and the day before. I have switched to a better mood today. He he.


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