Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just now, I read a blog of someone.
I think the person don't know shame. It's embarrassing, you know?

She wrote about her life with some harsh words in it. When I first know her, I thought she was a polite girl as she was also studying in a good class. But when I finally read her blog, lately, it is full of vulgar words. And if you don't want to write blog, stop it. Don't make shame of peoples who is still writing blog.

Can't you control your own feeling? Or can you please explain or confess your feeling in a better way of writing? Yes, your English wasn't bad but stop saying these words. Maybe your friends don't know you have this blog but if they knew, I am pretty sure they will say "NO MORE FRIENDS". Or if your family members read this, they would probably got shocked and you will disappoint them.

You demanded and requested for too much, this is not the maddest part. You know where is the part I got mad the most? You copycat things from my blog a lot. Can you stop that? NOW? And try to be a little bit original of yourself? Moreover, don't be so proud of yourself. Everybody is the SAME.

If you are not very good in a language, I wouldn't be looking down on you. But if you are talking harsh and vulgar words which will lead you to a dead side, I will really look down on you. Completely, low class.

Do you know how to write the word respect 尊重?
Take care little girl!



XiiaoBenDan said...

hwo follows you?><
this pessage looks like talkiing baout me haha xD

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

Don't become so suspicious.
It's not you.

You little girl?
I thought you are one month older than me?
Kakaz. ^^

bbsTar said...

is it me????
haha,,im afraid too..kalau sy...tolong terus terang so i can change it...hehe...but how u can open my blog huh??

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

next time i wouldn't post a post like this.

everyone misunderstood!!
it's a little girl, not same age group as us.

bbsTar said...

ooohh thanx God!!

btw,,if u dont like anythn/i had do sumthn wrong to u juz need to say i can change it and not do it again...i always do sumthn thats wrong bcoz sumtime im do it sumthn without too dissapointed with myself lol..