Monday, July 20, 2009


20 July 2009 Monday.
Sunny day.
A day full of laughter. I laughed like mad in school today.

6am woke up, woke mum and sister up because my eldest sister is going to renew her expired passport. I slept again and woke up 6.30am. Went to school. Saw my friends. They asked me quite a number of questions when I arrived. I was a little blur. Assembly. B.Teng copied my homeworks cause she haven't finished it [first time seemed so blur].

To class. First class, KH. B.Teng forgot to bring her note book which caused her standing for 10 minutes. Then, listened to teacher before we headed to Moral class. Z.Yin and me quickly asked for permission to go to the toilet. And then, we saw the toilet was dirty, so she said she wanted to vomit. I teased " pregnant ke? ". And then, we all started to tease her having a pair of twins for JH and called her "da du puo". One od the twins named 'Lai Tang Tang', another named 'Lai Bang Bang' from the group "BANG BANG TANG, LOLLIPOP". Ha ha, love the names, JH?

Recess~ Discussing about the Saturday. Haven't fully decided yet. I kept laughing lol. So do my friends, I guessed. Science class - just listen to the teacher. My energy was going low and nonchargeable. Geografi. Z.Yin copied my book. Why everyone today never finish up their homeworks? This make me proud you know. Wakaka xD Just kidding.

Maths class. The funny part was J.Yu was looking at S.Man's book. And it looked like he was glancing [peeping] on S.Man's pr*v*t* part. Because S.Man unbutton two of her shirt buttons which looked obvious sexy. I knew this is very disgusting. But I am just kidding right here. I was joking around the whole day. I am sorry if I have hurt or injured your heart.

When it's time to go home, I felt extremely happy because when I reached home, I could probably write about today and have my afternoon nap :) And I saw people waving to me, I wanted to wave back but then I stopped myself and ignored them. Because I was being ignored the whole day by a lot of people. I guess, YOU don't know the feeling of being an invisible people the whole day in school.

I waited with J.Eng around 10 minutes for her bus to arrive. J.Yu was there too. They board the same bus everyday. But I saw J.Eng always sit in front while J.Yu at the back. Quite a distance to say "HI". He he. Bye bye.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...


XiiaoBenDan said...

HAHA~JH = jumbohead :X
nice 1 xP...
gratz head head on getting 2 twins rofl :X

Our stories said...

sorry if i have hurt yr heart.
but i am sure jh very "gao xing".
hehe. ^^

-amy, kay-