Sunday, July 19, 2009


My hand cracked. My hand broke. My panda eyes. My pen ink. My times. Urghh.

I finished up my Komsas this afternoon. 8 stories and 4 poems. 20 pages of notes. It was very packed. I even finished up my black pen ink. I used 6 hours [30minutes each]. I did it in detail. S.Man and B.Teng said I was crazy because I did synopsis and others. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS by Mr.Lim Goh Tong-the founder of Genting Highlands.

And after that, without resting, I did my Geografi. Some objectives and subjectives questions which I really squeezed my head hard. And then, did the notes of KH [3 pages]. Not just that, I still have Sejarah to go [chapter 7]. I haven't started to do this. It might be easily 10 pages.

I felt very proud lah. HEBAT TAK?

I am too tired now. =.= My eyes became like this =.= Believe it or not. When you meet me, you will see my panda eyes. But I can't afford to stress myself up. I am watching television now [miss world 2008]. Relax relax~ Before starting tomorrow. A school day again.


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