Friday, July 31, 2009

Laugh Out Loud.

31 July 2009 Friday.
A day to end the month of July.
Not sunny not windy not rainy.
Blur and tired.

This morning, went to school a little earlier because I prepared myself a little faster than usual. Today is not a bad day. I fully understand that not every conclusion or ending will be happy. I am very clear of that. So, I am not asking for too much.

Assembly. First class, BM. Continued drama of group 3 and 5. Group 3 didn't show their message clearly and was being scolded by teacher. Group 5 was describing about our class [naughty but know where to stop]. Then, group 3 redid their presentation in a better way. Congratulations. Next class, SEJ. Teacher was absent. BI class, studied at first and after all the prefects went down, we started playing cards for 10 minutes.

Recess~ Nothing very special. Just like usual. Poking stomachs, pinching face and laughing like crazy people. Science - teacher promised us, if the whole class got 70% and above, we will not need to study for a week after exam [how good right?]. But I just hope everyone can do it. Suddenly, Encik Juzvinder brought a group of prefects to come into our class and spot check. S.Sya got her liquid paper hijacked away. And luckily, S.Man's UNO cards was safe.

SMKWM2 stories= I still remember, last year, in my old school, I brought my handphone, the time was like end of the year and there was a sudden spot check. All my Chinese boy friends [Andy Ang, Ah Lok, Andy Lee, Liong Chen Fui, Teh Seong Fu and Liang Chen] helped me to hide it. They wrapped it inside a piece of paper, placed it above the window in the class, beside the rubbish bin and Ang even planned to hide it inside his shoes. Unfortunately, MeiYee's phone was snatched away while mine was still safe. Thank you very much. I miss them so much especially Ang, my older pet brother. And also Teh, whom I argued and fighted with, the most last year. Ah Lok, my cute little pet brother. Liong, only knew to pull my hair. Andy Lee, whom confessed his feeling in a very geli way. YanYan and YeeYee too! They were so friendly and helpful. Unlike new school Chinese boys, all of them were so sensitive. Haizz, what to do - My fate to meet them.

Last class, KH. 1 hour and 20 minutes was like 10 minutes for me. I knocked the nails into my wood, only 1 was completely successful. And I got help from Manisha, B.Teng, Z.Yin, S.Sya and S.Man. I felt happy they are so helpful today :) Thanks a lot. But still, my project was some kind of failure and looked just like rubbish. I am so stupid and no talents in living skills, I even hurt my own finger nail. 失败.


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