Thursday, July 30, 2009

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30 July 2009 Thursday
July is coming to the end.

Everything back to normal. My sickness is curing little by little. I feel better without flu. The flu kept blocking my nose - hard to breath. So, I am still alive and I am quite happy with it.

To school. Assembly and first class, Maths. Non-stop doing exercises in a book given by the teacher. A book shared by two students. I shared with Z.Yin. So busy and so blur as teacher was going a little too fast. I am a slow learner. I need a long time to understand. Next, Geografi. Teacher was absent. Just played cards - hiding it from the teacher whom relieved our class.

Recess~ I told J.Eng I wanted to sing a song for her to listen. But I kept on delaying by laughing. Because I scared she will laugh too much. So after that, I sang the VINCENT song in the movie heart of greed. LoL. I don't remember whether did she smile or not. But I knew the picture of recess time was delighted and full of laughter.

Seni. Teacher came after about 20 minutes [late]. So, after that, we played quiz. Quite fun. I drew the 'mata duitan'. It was pretty easy when others were little hard. Ha ha. In Moral class, teacher wanted to teach us but then, we suggested we would have drama next week that we need to prepare. But, we were playing cards again. The game was little different. It was named "Liar" [my uncle who came from Turkey taught me]. I won 5 or 6 games in a row. KKSiong, B.Teng and Sri a bit 不爽 me already [not serious, just the type of kidding]~ Ha ha ha. Finally, last game, S.Man won once.

VINCENT - Don McLean.



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