Wednesday, July 1, 2009


My life is going as busy as a bee today. Kinda peak but I am very happy with it.

Yesterday, Vidhya told me the book that she borrowed from me is missing. Dismay. I am really angry and mad but I didn't scold her. I don't know how to scold! I just hope she can find it as soon as possible, so, I needn't redo my science note book. The mosquitoes were irritating. I woke up at 1,2 and 5am to catch the mosquito but failed. Stressed out!

Early morning, went to school with my panda eyes. Went to the canteen and chatted with my friends. S.Sya was absent. Assembly like usual. Back to class and quickly changed to my PJ clothes. I support GAMMA very much. Ha ha ha!

Went down with my Chinese friends and started playing badminton. First first, I versus J.Yu. Others were looking and not playing. =.= And J.Yu won by 21-18. Then, the boys got to listen lectures from teacher. So, I played with the Z.Yin, S.Phing, B.Teng and S.Man. After they listened to the lectures, I played with KKSiong. Not enough time. I won by 13-12. He was quite tricky.

Changed back to my school uniform. My hair was wet. Wet like I just came out from bathing. BM class. Copied notes and did exercises. Also got the ORAL. I was the 5th/8th-people to go out. I was 50% prepared. My hand was shaking. Every time, there is Malay Oral, my hand will shake like an old man. I think I do it quite well. Teacher gave me an A according to what Z.Yin saw. :)

Recess~ Science class. I have no book to copy. So, I helped teacher to write on the white board. Teacher was absent. Me and S.Phing helped to write but the marker pen was out of ink. Very hard to write.

Last class, BI. teacher was explaining on how to do good essay. We all were chatting and playing with my diary. I just pay 1% attention to the teacher. I found a "bean" under my table. We all thought it was a bean, of course. I drew a happy face on it. We tried very hard to open it, yet we couldn't. So, S.Man asked help from the Chinese boys. S.Man also told them that I will give them present which wasn't true. They failed but they tried again and again which make them finally, succeed.


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