Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So it started with me looking at the clock which showed me it was 6.18am. I didn't wake up. Sleep a little bit more and woke up sharp at 6.30am. Aiks. I forgot to feed the tortoise and fish. Now, I will go to feed them~ Be right back.

BACK. Sister will sure kill me if she knew I forgot to feed them.

Went to school~ Saw S.Sya. So happy that she came today. Miss her so much since last Friday. Assembly and heard that we are going to another class to study because form5 students is going to use our class. So problematic.

First class, BI. Teacher was absent. So, kept on chatting until the form5 students arrived at the door of our class. We went out with our faces feeling not satisfied. LoL. So, I sat with B.Teng in 5dk3 but then, after that, it was too far from them, cannot hear what they said, so I sat on another chair. But B.Teng was angry and mad. Haish, sorry. And KKSiong called me with "Eh Eh,过来一下!". Can't you call my name?

BM - did summary. Luckily, I finished it right on time. Ha ha ha. Recess~ Chatting with Sherlin, J.Eng, B.Teng, Z.Yin, S.Sya, S.Man and Moon. Moon was sitting with us today [beside me]. Me and moon saw Z.Yin pushing J.Eng, so we followed them~ Moon pushed my shoulder and I pushed her back. Ha ha, Jason, don't get mad. And betting in running, I won today :) LoL. Sherlin. Sorry o.

SIVIK - teacher is currently on maternity leave. So, we, 6, chit-chatted again. Discussing about something - about a planning. But let just keep it as secret until the truth reveils. Maths - didn't study much and I am very glad that no homework for today :) SEJ - teacher gave us 20 minutes to revise for chapter 7 [a lot of pages]. And took the test.

Finally, went home with J.Eng, S.Sya and S.Phing. On the way, met KKSiong and his gang again. He called my name and asked me about the MSN thingy that happened yesterday. Haiyo, how I know!! About the 绝交 thing. I think it won't last. Because today I already talked to them. Can't ignore lah - very no-manners. This post is my 200th post :)


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