Monday, August 10, 2009


10 August 2009 Monday
1/3 of August is gone! GONE!

Sorry I am blur, so my English would be turning upside down.

Yesterday, the same, I slept with my parents as I am not use to sleeping alone. What's weird was, mosquitoes follow me, no matter where I go. When I am in my room, there is mosquito around. And when I am in my parents' room, they are there too. My blood so delicious meh? Anyway, dad killed 2 mosquitoes yesterday. And air-cond in my parents room were to be better because it's straight to my body, no need make a round like how my room's air-cond was.

Stop the sleeping story~. So, today, I woke up at 6.30am. Washed face, took bag out from the study room and get changed before I ate my breakfast. Reached school. Assembly. And first class, KH. We marked our own papers. I think I got 70%. It was better than what I had expected. B.Teng got an unexpected results. But she wasn't sad at all. This is what they called, NEVER GIVE UP.

Moral. Got our papers. Discussed about it. I got 84% only. Pity. When I was going to the toilet with B.Teng, the toilet was locked from inside out. Coincidentally, Encik Juzvinder came. I told him about it. And he did't have any reaction. I heard from somebody, unknown, said that we need to kicked the door cause it's stuck. I kicked for the first time, failed. And our Moral teacher tried to kick, but he stopped himself. I tried again. And I succeed. Wahahaha! Vinosa, Sinia and other girls called me HERO. LOL, insane.

Recess~ Just chatting around about Doraemon's injury on her pocket. I need to fix it soon, the kidding part. LOL. I never know.

Science class. No class for a day. I am not sure why because teacher had a deal with us, which was, no Science for a week if everyone in the class got higher than 70%. But we failed to achieve that mission. No class, so, the class was extremely noisy. I couldn't even hear myself. Just playing with my friends. We were talking about *-*-*-*. Hah, don't know how to say it.

Geo. Teacher was absent. We played T/D again. This game is becoming boring and outdated. Anyway, after a while, the class suddenly turned quiet. The Malay were all looking at us, Chinese. We were so awkward. Who knows. They were playing "The Silent Games". Who created this - I think is Raffiq. So, everyone was quiet until our Maths teacher came in. She was surprised to see the class was quiet. She said it's her first time to see 2dk11 in this condition. Z.Yin said it would be the FIRST and LAST time. Ha ha ha.

Maths class. We got back our exam papers. I was surprised to see S.Phing, S.Man and B.Teng's results. They were so great and brilliant. But this time I think they were a little careless. All the best for year-end exam! I got 89% for this subject but when I checked back, teacher made a mistake. But still, it's better than what I had expected. So, I asked teacher to minus my marks. Final marks = 84%. I need to be honest and so I did. It was still an A, thanks God!

Playing with J.Eng and S.Sya on the way home. We accompanied J.Eng to wait for her bus to arrive. I persuade J.Yu to sit with J.Eng but he refused. I even played the "One Two Jus" with him, so he can sit with the lovely J.Eng but I failed my attempt. J.Eng sat in front and J.Yu sat at the back. So far yet so near in heart. Home at 1.30pm.


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