Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I wanted to stop online but I couldn’t stop myself. I will come here and write my blog everyday after lunch. I felt so tired but I already had a mind-set since I created a blog which was write everyday if there are any special thoughts that I wanted to express.

I asked myself. Why write everyday? I told myself it was just like a diary of mine, wasn’t too private. Privacy isn’t the main-point here. I was thinking if I am dead one day, people would come to my blog and have a look. And then, they will remember a little more memories about me like how Micheal Jackson got its memorable. Ha ha, by the way, I am just kidding.

11 August 2009 Tuesday.
Extremely sunny.
Happy grade 5.

I am so stress today. Maybe is because of friends' problems and a lot of things to catch up in studies. I felt great being with them when they are happy with everything I am. But when they got mad or angry without any reason, I felt extremely depressed. I told myself to calm down but why can't we be the type of friends where nobody blames anybody. And some of them never care of our feelings. We are human-being too. There's also a word "sad" in our dictionary. Why being so bossy when we are just the same? Is it compulsory to win? Is winning that important? There's the words WIN and LOSE in playing games. Thus, no big deal huh!

A day. -Assembly part. Before that, just chatting and I think I couldn't remember anything. First class, BI. Did exercises and checked it after that. Next class, BM. Got our marks. I got 86%, I was surprised for my marks. Really. Chatting in the middle of the class with friends. Cause some Malays were discussing answer with teacher. Recess~ Planning and playing.

Back to class~ SIV. Teacher was absent, every week now. Because she was pregnant. I wasn't sure whether the baby came out already or not? So, just wait until teacher return to school. We were playing cards behind the class. T/D again. S.Man asked why I said this game is outdated. I have no reason for this.

Maths. 3 periods. Our Maths teacher took the periods from Sej teacher. Sej teacher would be attending our class on Thursday. I was like 3 LESSONS! How am I going to go through it? 95 minutes! Almost 2 hours. Am I going to fall asleep or not? Finally, teacher gave us a lot of exercises. I wasn't tired. I did the exercises with all my heart, very focusing. And then bell rang. Time flies in Maths class. Ha ha ha.

I made a big shortcut for this post. Because I am extremely tired. Extremely wanted to go to bed NOW. So, have a byebye here. Take care everyone. H1N1 killed almost 40 Malaysians now. I hope nobody will die after this, but I will only have my dream come true after H1N1 leaves our country. TAKE CARE and DRINK MORE WATER.


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