Saturday, August 8, 2009

The haze.

Here's some photos from certain views from my house's balcony...

It's hazy but it wasn't hot, luckily, this week's haze didn't produce much heat, still windy. Although the haze wasn't very serious this time, but it did have some effects on human's health. Hope everyone will take better care of ownself and remember to drink more water.

I also believe that lingering smoke from forest fires on the Indonesia island of Sumatra is the primary cause of the haze. This is also according to the news.

Hazy [Wangsa Maju view]. 02 August 2009.

After haze [Wangsa Maju view]. 08 August 2009.

Night view of Wangsa Maju. 07 August 2009.

Hazy KLLC view. 02 August 2009.

After haze [KLCC view]. 08 August 2009.

Night view of KLCC. 07 August 2009.

You can easily different shape right? A clear differences of the haze and after the haze.


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