Wednesday, August 19, 2009


19 August 2009 Wednesday.
First day in our new class, 3DK9.

Happy 20th birthday to my sister, Elaine. You are no more a teenager! Hope everything of her will succeed. Everything goes smoothly. And ALL THE BEST.

Today, went to school. The first two person I talk to was S.Phing and S.Sya. And then, I went straight to the canteen to meet others. Assembly. After assembly, I was running as fast as I could to 3DK9. LOL. Unlucky, unfortunately, and unfairly, the Malays already reserved their own places before the bell rang. They don't need to follow the rules as they are prefects? Very unreasonable. 3DK9 don't have enough chairs and tables, so, we went down to take and I was sweating a lot.

Amy: Are you a boys? Why let girls take and you all just watch, didn't help.
KKSheng: If I go, I can probably take 2 tables at the same time.
Amy: Then? Go take la.
...As what he say, he can really take 2 tables at a time. Ha ha, somebody felt he is so "MAN", gentlemen. LOL. KKSheng is a gentlemen?! Funny enough...

First class, PJK. We wasted 20 minutes taking chairs and tables up to our class. Played badminton a while. Quite bored because nobody wanted to play it seriously. At 8.30am, we went back to class. I went to toilet with Z.Yin to change our clothes. There was a big moth in the fifth toilet, it flied to my toilet out of a sudden. ...I was like...
Amy: Zhen Yin, help me, help me, save my life.
Zhen Yin: What happened?
Amy: So long only reply me, the moth already killed me lo!
...I forced the moth to go out from the sixth toilet which I was using, the moth was SO LARGE...

Our places were below the ceiling fan, so happy but then, we weren't satisfied with those Malays. How can they become so self-fish. Why we, Chinese, are always place at the back? Everytime also sit in front, everytime also sit below the fans. We told Raffiq about this, we changed our places with Malay boys as the girls weren't willing to. I sat in front of the teacher's table. ^^
BeeTeng: RAFFIQ!
Amy: Raffiq, why are we always sitting at the back? Why can't we sit in front? We also wanted to learn all the knowledge given by the teacher!
All: Ya lo ya lo.
Raffiq: Okay, I will ask them about it.

BM class. Boys versus girls on poems writing. I read the second poem dedicated to the boys to reply us. I think I read it very unclear. They even thought I have cut my hair but I didn't. Maybe cause of sweating during PJK class. Recess~ Trying to be a small gangster, yet, I failed. They said I look more like modelling than doing the samseng's acts. And when going to find our History teacher, Sherlin was very reckless, she fell down on the staircase. So cute :)

Back to class. Science. We were told that teacher was absent. Everyone seemed delighted. Just chit-chatted with my fellow friends. Last class, BI. Teacher gave us an "argument essay" and asked us to form a group of 6 and do some points on a subject. It was quite bored. I was amused watching KKSiong playing the Rubik cube. I wanted to learn it very much. Now, I only know how to solve one surface. KKSiong can just solve it in a minute or more/less, all surfaces [even faster than B.Teng].
...I was looking at the Rubik cube of KKSiong...
ShiMan: KhaiSiong, Amy kept looking at you since just now.
Amy: Oii, I am looking at the Rubik cube, not him. I wanted to learn to so much.
SyaSya: KhaiSiong, your wife want to learn it from you ah~
...So boring. They always tease the same thing. Luckily la, recently, lessen [alot]. If not, I will become insane, someday. I am free. FLY FLY FLY...

On the way home, my hand was very full. My bag was on my back. Badminton racket on my left hand. Paper bag on my right hand. And the umbrella, no where to be placed. Luckily, Sya Sya helped me to take some of it. Jian Yu helped me placed my racket into my bag. And Jia Eng helped me to take some too! Urghh, I am currently as busy as a bee. Bye-bye.


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