Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mind mapping.

20 August 2009 Thursday.
Pasar Malam day again.
2/3 of August is gone~!

I just finished up my mind-mapping of Sejarah notes using PowerPoint just now. I felt confused and a little bit tired. I am grouped with S.Sya and Z.Yin as others don't want to join this competition. We don't have enough time because the deadline is tomorrow. S.Sya even said she wanted to come to my house at 6am tomorrow, to touch up everything.

Today, this morning. Assembly, like nothing. The first prime minister of Malaysia? ~Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. Then, our first class Maths, teacher taught us about translation and relection. We just did worksheet for the whole week. Geografi, teacher was looking at me very weirdly, she smiled and looked at me like how she looks at a joker.

Recess~ Pity me. I accidentally placed my hand on the table which was very dirty. And I got to go to the toilet to clean it. Yucks. Anyway, they kept pulling J.Eng. J.Eng's hands were own by S.Man and Z.Yin while her legs were own by me and B.Teng. More interesting, her ****** were own by S.Sya. Sherlin don't want anything of J.Eng?

Back to class. SENI. We all Chinese were helping Raffiq to patch up all the flags. I did nothing much just holding the chair, scared Raffiq will fall down. The first attempt was nice but the ceiling fans ruined it all. We have to do it all over again. Anyway, quite nice [perhaps].

Last class, Moral. Me and Z.Yin looking at S.Man and B.Teng who were sleeping very tightly. I wondered how they can sleep peacefully in class especially when teacher is standing in front. Luckily, our Moral teacher wasn't the type of fierce teacher! Bell rang and I went down together with S.Man on my right, B.Teng on my left. Got someone want KKSiong to bring her home~ I wondering who it was, right?! LOL.

...While walking home...
Amy: Hey, wait for SyaSya and SiewPhing lah, you are not hurrying to go home right?
Jia Eng: I am just waiting for the bus. Just wait together.
Amy: Wuuu~ Wait at the same place with J.Yu.
...Jia Eng poked my stomach...
Amy: Why today, they so slow ah?
Jia Eng: Probably because SyaSya walked like a tortoise~ "乌龟".
Amy: Ha ha ha.
...And I remembered dad said I walk like crab, once...


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