Thursday, August 13, 2009


13 August 2009 Thursday.
Happy grade 4.

Here, I wanted to wish Yap Shi Man [the fake 大家姐], a very happy belated birthday. You are now 14 years old. Be matured and be more open. Hope you will have a better years ahead.

Today's schooling was okay. First class, Maths. Thought it would be Sejarah but teacher came in. So, we studied Maths, the very interesting subject. After that, Geo. Went to computer lab and have our notes done by ownself. Recess~ Nothing to do, just chasing after you, you or you. LOL.

Seni. Me, B.Teng and S.Phing in a group. Z.Yin, S.Man and S.Sya in another group. We did our works very seriously but B.Teng wasn't satisfied with S.Phing and my works. Anyway, I admit, my Art is very very bad. Last class, Moral. Did some exercises and then, starting loitering and dreaming around in my own world with my friends beside me, chatting. So tired.

Cutely disturbing or disturbingly cute? Ha ha ha.


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