Wednesday, August 12, 2009


12 August 2009 Wednesday.
Happy grade 5.
Thought of not writing.
But I wrote. LOL.

OMG. Someone asked me to go out with him. What am I going to do? DEAD. But I knew him since last year. Shaun's best enemy. Always fighting for girls, not me. Fighting which will include punching and kicking. But I am pretty sure Shaun is absolute innocent. Ha ha. I don't know anything~ I am not going, I guessed. Insane. Last year, I regretted for one of my action. Which was REFUSING and REJECTED another human. Brilliance!

Today I am a little pressure but I got the title above from today's Science class. We are coming to the end of chapter 5 and we are going to begin chapter 6 soon. Will Chapter 6 become as interesting as Chapter 5? I probably don't have the answer. Chapter 6: Air Pressure. So, today I planned to write about pressure. Can't deal with it? Ha ha ha.

This morning, it was raining heavily when I woke up. I thought back and remembered today is Wednesday. It's raining on WEDNESDAY again. Every Wednesday, we will have our PJK class. And every Wednesday now, it's raining heavily in the morning. I woke dad up to fetch me to school and he agreed [of course agree, if not ...]! On the way, I saw S.Phing and T.Tian walking, so, I asked my dad to stop the car, S.Phing saw me but then she shook her head. I thought she don't want to take a ride. When I reached school, I asked her about it, she said she was just saying HI and she don't know the purpose my dad stopped the car, was, to fetch them along. =.=

No assembly. So good. I actually hate assembly a lot. Cause I felt hot and can't breath because I was surrounded by a lot of peoples. First class, PJK. Teacher never teach, so, we were just chatting. I felt so guilty as we were leaving S.Phing behind [a little?]. I just don't know why. I think she already tried her best to cope with us. Hope we can entertain her more.

BM class, went to Art room again. Copied notes and then, started chatting again. Recess~ Nothing to do, Sherlin was absent for three days already. I hope she will recover as soon as possible. When we were on the way to Science lab, they asked me to take all their books and pencil boxes. I felt so down. I am not their friends? Or just a maid? Or are they just kidding and I am too sensitive?

Science. We were just watching teacher doing experiments in front of the class. And I tried my best to listen attentively to the teacher, yet, I failed myself. B.Teng assumed my hand was the FLOUR to make BREAD. So, she was like rolling my hand here and there. I thought she was making "roti canai" but after all, it was "yao char gui". Ha ha ha. Without noticing, someone hid my pencil box and took my books. And I eventually, hijacked back my belongings.

Last class, BI. Teacher gave us two pieces of papers containing a lot of grammar exercises. I told myself to pay attention but I just couldn't. Apparently, I am not focusing in everything, dieing. Luckily, I didn't make a lot of silly mistakes. Thanks god. But after that, we were playing guessing numbers, which I think was my silly ideas. I am blur and don't know what happened after that. But as long as I know, someone is putting some pressure on me. And BOOM, I am back home at 1.25pm.


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