Friday, August 14, 2009


Getting boring and boring with this.
So confused. Mix feelings.
Nowadays I also very 38.
But who cares. Nobody.

14 August 2009 Friday.
Superb sunny.
Sad grade 2.
Tomorrow is a schooling day!

Yeay, tomorrow, is the Merdeka opening celebration. Me, B.Teng, S.Phing and S.Sya are going to attend school tomorrow. The rest wanted to sleep more on Saturday. This morning, sister accompanied me to school. I forgot to write in the blog, she came back on Tuesday's evening. Because her university was infected with the H1N1 virus. I also got to know that one of the students in SMKDK is infected with the virus too. Some of the students did wear the masks for safety purpose. Precaution is better then cure!

Assembly. After assembly, all the non-muslim students must go to the block behind the school as all the Muslims got to pray. I respected them. After around 15 minutes, we went back to our class and started BM class. Teacher was wearing a orange striking mask. Actually, we can't listen clearly. But still can hear her voice.

Next class, SEJ. We went to 3dk8 to study. We didn't study but just kind of listening to teacher on how to do the folio. And the class before recess was BI. Didn't do anything. So bored. Recess~ Nothing much to be done. Sat in the canteen and went for a walk after that.

Science. Went down to the school hall. I don't know why teacher wanted us to stay there. Students of 2dk10 were there too. So, we played but got scolded. And we stopped playing and chit-chatted. We saw J.Yu and W.Jien being left behind by other boys. So, we joined them. We asked them a lot of useless questions. Ha ha ha!

Last class, KH. After knocking some nails which hurt my fingers a little, me and B.Teng went out to spray our wood. LOL. So funny. We spray it like a cow's colour. Black + white. People said it is ugly but for me and B.Teng, it was our creativity. I also accidentally sprayed the black paint to her hand. But luckily, she didn't get angry and even smiled. Co-operation is really important.



huiwen said...

Hey, Amy. =)
Just dropping by.
Well, if you're not feeling so good, I hope you feel better soon. As in, like, mood.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

thks huiwen!
you too.
take care.