Saturday, August 15, 2009


15 August 2009 Satuday.
Merdeka celebration opening.
Happy, boring, tired and sunny.

I didn't bring my handphone to school today that no picture is available here! Such a loss for not capturing these happy moments together. Just keep it in mind.

It's not easy to wake up on Saturday you know! But I woke up lah. Cause don't want to miss out school. Today is the replacement for Hari Raya's holiday. No need to bring books. So happy. But when I reached school, I was surprised. Only around 20% of the students attended. Others were absent. Luckily, I asked B.Teng and S.Sya to come to accompany me, or else I will become crazy.

After assembly, we sat inside the school hall. The hall was very peak. We, three, sat at the back. Can't see clearly. We sang some national anthems. Me, B.Teng and S.Sya were so high. When the headmaster was giving his speeches, we played the "Word Search". We didn't make any noises, so, no problem. After around 20 minutes, performances were presented. My opinion, this year's form 1 students are very talented. Unlike us!

9.30pm, we went for recess. We were given an hour for recess time today! We played cards with KKSheng, J.Yu and W.Jien [they are so good and obedient today, because they came to school which for me was UNBELIEVABLE]. They were tricky that we can't win. At 10.30am, we stopped playing and sat back on our own places. Winners for the bicycle decorators were announced. When presenting the bicycle, Hamzah rode the bicycle while Raffiq ran behind him with the flag. 2DK11 won the second place! OMG. Unbelievable right?

At 11am, we took a long queue before we could eat sweet potatoes and drink a cup of coffee. Quite delicious. Teacher also sang a song to make the event merrier. I can feel the nostalgia of Merdeka today. Before going back, we sang several songs. Me and B.Teng "sot-sot" jor. Cause we sang the word "MERDEKA" very loudly on S.Sya ears. Luckily, her eardrum never broke.

S.Sya came to my house after that to search for information in the Internet. Although the lifts were in good condition, we took the staircase. We were so tired when we reached the 8th floor. Hard to breath and lack of water. I also kept laughing that we were so silly. Anyway, we reached 12th floor safe and sound. She went home around 1pm, we took staircase to go down. Exercise ma!


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