Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am not going to write the dialogue today. The previous post took me an hour for editing the colour or code. I found myself writing until 3pm. And my nap time for yesterday was lesser than usual. But anyway, I enjoyed sleeping with the heavy downpour outside my house. Ha ha.

18 August 2009 Tuesday
Happy Grade Two

I can live without anyone but except my family. And friends probably. And my point here was, I don't need anybody to lean on [for now]. I need to pay a lot of my attention on my studies, which was the most important thing [for now].

This morning, I walked to school with my second sister. She was so kind to me these days. She sent me to school almost everyday. Tomorrow is her birthday, I hope she will be as happy as a lark. Assembly, nothing much, just some irrelevant announcements made by teachers.

First class, BI. We were doing some exercises on the literature "Phantom Of The Opera". Wondering with ZhenYin, our answers were weird, most of it were wrong. BM class, did a summary writing. The bell rang, S.Man, B.Teng and me finished it but Z.Yin haven't, so, we were like...
Amy: Teacher, teacher, wait, ZhenYin haven't finish yet. One more minute please.
Puan Halimah: Nevermind, Do it slowly, I will be waiting here.

Recess time...
SyaSya: Jia Eng, can you buy me the Milo. I need to do my duty here.
Jia Eng: Hah? Want meh?
Amy: Let's go together.

Canteen seller: Nah, here is your mineral water.
Jia Eng: But today, I want Milo.
Amy: Ha ha, the seller knew you everyday also come to buy his mineral water. Sure he felt weird you change your taste today.

Back to class. SIVIK. Teacher was absent again [for weeks now]. We were playing to see "who can endure not to blink their eyes" and "who can cry the fastest". I mean who can drop tears the fastest. S.Man said she did but I didn't see it. I also got dropped some tears [not even a drop], just a bit.

Maths. Doing exercises non-stop every class. Teacher never rest. I really appreciate this teacher. She is always hardworking and care for us. I love her so much.

SEJ. 3 things to be done. One, done all the points in POWERPOINT for future presentation on Chapter 6. Two, done the folio, element 1. Three, copied term (word or phrases) into the notes book. 2 pages [full]. S.Man and B.Teng will get angry if somebody talk to them when they are doing notes [I realized this]. S.Man was the first to finish copying the notes and I was the second. And BeeTeng's. It goes like this...
Amy: Hey, something is wrong here.
BeeTeng: Shut up! I want to finish this as soon as possible.
BeeTeng: Eiks. Why don't you tell me earlier, this part is wrong.
Amy: I told you, it's just that, you don't want to listen.
ALL: Ha ha ha.

Time to go back at 1.10pm. I walk home alone as they are going to National Library to search information for our folio. Sunny, everyday.

We will be going home at 12.30pm beginning from 1st of September. I don't know I should be happy or sad. LOL. 40 minutes earlier. I don't know why the government want to change the time. Any problem going home at 1.10pm? I have been going home at 2.50pm on every Monday, last year. It's very very hard!


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