Monday, August 17, 2009


17 July 2009 Monday.
Very sunny.
Happy grade 3,

Today is Monday? Not wednesday meh? Yea, right. Today is Monday.
I am going to have my post in a different way today.

Puan Sarimah: Today, we won't be having assembly as Form 3 students are having exams on 7.30am.
Amy: YEAY, no assembly. So good!
BeeTeng: Ya, agreed. And hope he can do his best in his exam.
Amy: Not "he". Is your honey.
BeeTeng: I hope my honey will do his best in the exam.
Amy: So geli. My furs is standing straight now. ==

...We were given face masks by the school prefects. But we didn't wear it as I think we looked funny if we wear it...
Amy: Wear lah, wear lah.
Zhen Yin: You wear, then, I wear.
ShiMan: I will never wear this thing.
Amy: Wear together mah. Haiz.

First class, KH, 1 period.
Puan Zalina: Please do all the exercises on page 50. Done it before this class ends and submit you exercise book.
BeeTeng: Is it possible for us to finish it in just 15 minutes.
Amy: Maybe, we can, if we want to.

Moral, 2 periods.
Amy: Let's go to the toilet.
Zhen Yin: Sure. I also want to go since just now.
ShiMan: Hey you two, enough le wor. You went to the toilet 3 times in Moral class.
Amy: Very normal lah, cause me and Zhen Yin is absolute the toilet fans.

...Teacher came in after 30 minutes...
Encik Zulkefli: Today, I am coming in at 9.15am right?
Amy: Teacher should be coming in at 8.40 la.
Encik Zulkefli: Oh, ya er? I will give you some homeworks now.
All: Don't want do la, still got some minutes only.

Recess, 20 minutes.
SyaSya: Sherlin, want follow us to Times Square this coming holiday?
Sherlin: I need to ask my mum first. I am also going with Moon and others to Sg.Wang for roller skating next Thursday.

SyaSya: Why are some of you yawning? I knew why, you all have s** yesterday right?
Amy: Sya sya is always so disguisting. No choice.
Sherlin: I am going to write my blog today saying that SyaSya said we have s** yesterday.

Science, 2 periods.
Puan Mohana: A week has gone and we shall start our lesson today.
2DK11: Alaahhh, don't want lah teacher.
...We copied notes given by teacher and then, we opened the hamper that they won last week. But we, Chinese, only got some biscuits...

Geografi, 1 period.
Sinia: Puan Inthirah asked us to go Media Room.
Raffiq: Puan Inthirah asked us to go to Computer Lab.
Amy: Where is the exact place?
BeeTeng: It should be Computer Lab. Maybe.

...In computer room...
Amy: Hey you all, write our blogs lah. If not it will be very empty.
BeeTeng: Okay sure.
ShiMan: I also need to write?
Amy: Of course.

...While writing...
SiewPhing and ZhenYin just looked on.
Amy: You just say, I helped you type.
ShiMan: Okay.
...You can visit Our Stories to see what actually had happened...

The bell rang and it's time to go home!
Sya Sya: You didn't heard your KKSiong saying bye to you just now?
Amy: Got meh? I wasn't listening. I was playing with Jia Eng. Sorry.

Amy: So sunny. We will be dark if we are going to walk under this everyday.
Sya Sya: Good if you're black, can suit your husband(kks) well.
Amy: Ha ha. Funny.

SyaSya: Siew Phing, sing "love story" la.
Siew Phing: #We were both young when I first saw you.....#
Amy: # I closed my eyes and the flashback.....#

SyaSya: How about singing songs sang by Jay Chou?
Amy: Great, I am a fan of him. How about the song "我不配"
All: Amy, you sing la.

Amy: Okay, but wait, I need to drink some water.
ZhenYin: Can you start now?
Amy: Yes yes, in a minute.
Siew Phing: I will be your assistant. Is it okay?
Amy: Ya okay, sure.
Jia Eng: Start la, almost reaching your house already.
Amy: I am starting. (20 metres from my guard house)

...SyaSya and all of them encircle and surrounded me...
SyaSya: Faster sing or else you can't get home.
Jia Eng: Just sing the chorus la.
Amy: #这感觉已经不对 我努力在挽回 一些些应该体贴的感觉我沒给 你嘟嘴许的愿望很卑微 在妥协是我忽略 你不过要人陪 我不配#
Sya Sya: Okay lah, we will let you go home now.
Amy: Haiyoh. Later rain, don't say is my faults ah.
All: Byebye.
Amy: Byes.

*A very long, confusing post.*
*ALL the dialouges above has been translated into English from either Chinese or Malay.*



Our stories said...

hey hey, the 3 times go to toilet ven moral is my dialog actually, why bcome sm's dialog?? n i find out some of it weird n wrong, especially the song u type already wrong...haha...jia you...

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

beeteng, i am sure you are beeteng.

nolah, is sm what. i remember.

i used almost one hour to edit this post, no time go check spelling.