Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random pictures.

I took these photos in this few months. It is useless as I am just posting it for no purpose. Ignore if you want to ignore, and see if you want to see. This is a definite boring post. I am so sarcastic nowadays. I hate it!

The straight road along to my school.

The air-conditiners outdoor unit of master bedroom and living room. It's wasted that dad bought so many air-conditioners for our house.

She was doing her homeworks late at night. She has her OT (overtime) in the night and sleeps in the morning. WEIRDO!

Sue-ann's drawing. So talented right?

The butter cake I made on 15 08 2009.

The roled millipede.

Millipede walking across the tiles.

My nails were dirty after doing KH wooden project.

KL Tower and KLCC on the day we fetched my second sister from bus-station in Puduraya (my hometown).

5 different types of Dentyne. Me and my second sister's collection.


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