Friday, August 7, 2009

No sleep.

Event: 7 August 2009.
Members: Me, Z.Yin, Doraemon, B.Teng, S.Phing, S.Man and S.Sya.
Location: My house's tennis court and my room.

B.Teng reached my house around 3.35pm. I then received a call from S.Phing. She was calling "HELP HELP". I thought what was so serious. I was a bit panicked. She said she was stuck somewhere. Her shoe lace spoilt. And she couldn't walk very far. So, I planned to go and save her outside her house with B.Teng. Later, she called us and said she reached her home and changed her shoe already.

Soon, S.Phing reached. And we were finding information for our project before others arrived. I told them to come sharp at 4pm. But they were to be earlier. At 4.15pm, every one arrived, we went down and started playing tennis. Haiz, they were not serious. So, later we played poison balls.

After that, felt like raining. So, went back to my house. And then, all of us went into my room, all sitting on my bed. I thought the bed would collapse. But it didn't, ha ha! We were judging each other and asked "her", why she dislikes us? She didn't tell much. Only tell 20% of what she feels. Then, we must tell the truth of people in the room. I received many comments that I am "sot-sot". Ha ha, luckily don't have bad bad de. But I am prepared for it. I am EVIL. Ha ha ha!
Sya said after being friend with me so long, they, finally followed my way which is CAPTURING A LOT OF PHOTOS. See, they so cute with the bubbling face.

Sya, Teng and me.

Peace. Sya be-spec, me non-spec, Teeg be-spec. Sya said this. Ha ha.

Shi Man pretty.

S.Phing and me.

We tried our best to capture all people picture but a lot of it failed.

All in. But I was cut into half.

LOVE Wu Zhun!

The cutiest award goes to ... The teddy bear!

Sorry for not smiling. Cause my face was very oily.

He he he~

I only managed to capture her photo in Tennis Court.

Farewell, Attempt Number 1.

Farewell, Attempt Number 2.

Farewell, Attempt Number 3.

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