Saturday, August 8, 2009


Happy 16th birthday, Shaun Lee! We called him "this", last year. I don't know why he was given this name but he wasn't smelly. He also received a present of "this" last year [something he could massage his own back]. Ha ha ha!

08 August 2009 Saturday.
Shaun's birthday.
Last year was 080808.

When I woke up at 11.30am this morning, my sister smsed and reminded me on his birthday. Cause my old phone there was a record. But I don't know who tricked me and write disgusting stuff in it. I almost forgot his birthday.

Happy 16th birthday. Ha ha, sorry, I very 不够 friend because almost forgot your birthday. And sorry I didn't wish you as I accidentally deleted your number [accidentally?]. Wish you here ler. All the best and hope you will always be so happy, healthy, clever, brilliant, intelligent, sporting, and GREENISH. Happy always. -END-

This morning, at around 6am, got people called my house. I don't know what time it was but I knew it wasn't 7am yet. My reaction was like "who called in the wee hours, so 无聊?". I was like "WAIT WAIT, let me sleep for another second". And finally I got out from the room and answered the phone. It was my aunty. She said mum's house rented by some outsider was making noises [arguing very often]. I then passed the phone to mum when my parents came out to see what happened. The guy even brought drugs, alcohol and prostitute into the house. The guy cheated on his wife. I pity his wife for marrying this not-so-gentlemen, insincere, disloyal, dishonest-guy. But don't commit any offends/crimes in my mum's house.


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