Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still writing.

I have 233 posts including this one and I am still writing. My spirit and enthusiasm for writing is high and strong although it seemed to be too boring right? Yea, my dad is supporting me to write blog often but he also had his term, condition and requirement. It was, write in ENGLISH. No broken English. That's why, so far, I have never wrote shortcut for any English words.

I very seldom reply people messages lately. Not that I don't have mood. I felt lazy and lethargic to hold my phone and text people. Sorry to those whom I never reply recently. Plus some more, my 900 free sms(es) was finished weeks ago. I don't want to waste too much money already.

I want to sleep more, eat more. Ha ha. Because that was an enjoyment. Live to enjoy and not live to suffer. Although you know, I will be fat [like what S.Man and B.Teng said, sleep like a pig]. I slept in the afternoon, for least, two hours. But I slept at 12am. Woke up around 6am. And sum up, 6+2 equal to 8 hours of sleeping. That is very normal aite?

Also, recently, I stopped writing so much about others and I only focused to write on the activities. I also don't dare to write so much about another individual for some confidential reasons. Thus, everything got stuck and I am confused. I was repeating the same words and meanings very frequently because I am out of ideas and opinions. Anyway, happy everyday :)


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