Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Pig don't have sins. They aren't wrong and it's not their faults. They didn't kill. They didn't make crimes or something that hurt you. Don't misunderstood my meaning. But this pig is cute erh?! Cartoon only~

Date: 01 August 2009.
Happy 14th Birthday, Won Jien.

Ha ha. Being the 大哥 or 老大 is hard isn't it? A tall and very slim guy. Looked innocent and evil at the same time. LOL.

May your birthday be bright and nicer than ever before. And as years come and go, may your happiness grow and your dreams come true.

Date: 03 August 2009.
Happy 14th Birthday, Zhen Yin.

Without you, I might be bored till death in school. Lucky YOU exist and make my world become a little more colourful. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday and all the best!

Many-Many Happy Returns of The Day! Cut a Cake and Eat for your Success, Healthiness & Prosperity. And Friendship also. Always Keep Smile on Your Face!!!!!

生日快乐咯!和我一样 十四岁了!才十四罢了吗!哈哈!
祝你们每年 都能够过得开开心心~ 身体健康~ 学业进步~
最重要的是 要开心的活下去!



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