Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not the day yet.

16 August 2009 Sunday.
Sunny and Drizzling.

Happy 11th birthday, little Chyng Yee! Be good and obedient ya. Last time when we were still small, you love to be with me. Now, I think lesser as you grew older. But still my best little cousin. Ha ha, TIGER, always bite people! LOL, but you're big now. I wondered why you didn't come our from your mum's belly a little 3 days later, so, you could have your birthday same as Elaine~

We went to Carrefour with my parents and sisters. It's so long since I went to Carrefour with my sisters. I am used to sit alone in dad's car. And yesterday, the car was so heavy cause 5 big fat people sitting in a 5 sitter car. Dad also need to press brake everytime we going up hill. Sympathetic. LOL.

My eldest sister, Sue-ann went to Singapore. So good, she can always visit here and travel there. Last month, she just came back from Sarawak, now she is going to Singapore for few days. So nice to study in University. Unlike me, not going anywhere this few months. I was so boring just like being behind bars, IN JAIL.

At 1pm, we went to Kepong. Aunt Joanne and family were there before we arrived. The adults were chatting while me, Simone and Chyng Yee played and chatted. Everything changes. They are no longer small children. Or maybe I am the one who wasn't playful enough. Apparently, I am old and mature already. Anyway, we waited for my second sister to finish reading her economic book.

We did a presentation with power point at 5pm, as what Uncle Dominic asked us to do. This is to give ideas and to reduce his heavy work-loads. But actually, we didn't help much. Just trying to play with the computer to deduce our boredom. But what I was interested at was, the ambassador for his company is going to be LINDA CHUNG KA YAN. I wondered why it wasn't RAYMOND LAM FUNG. 400k to be paid for her to be the ambassador. What a good pay. Ha ha ha.

At 6pm, we, children, played games. All the adults were watching us playing. And they tried to give us clues. But we didn't want their clues as we were fair and just. We ate dinner at 6.30pm, 2 types of spaghetti, so tasty and delicious. Yum yum! We went home at 7 something after having some talks together. This is just sort of family gathering.

We bought loads of Chipsmore. One for me, Elaine and Sue-ann. Dad going to bankrupt cause we eat a lot. Ha ha ha.

Sis Sue-ann and me. Since decades ago, I have never take pictures with her. Cause her opinion, taking picture very 83 [terbalik].

In Melissa Yeye's house. Trying to capture photos by the webcam but unfortunately, too dark although me and Simone tried our best to make it clear and bright.

Dad and Uncle Dominic having some chats on economic.

Elaine and Chyng Yee discussing for our presentation.


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