Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sultan Abdul Samad.

* If you feel lazy to read, just see the pictures and you will understand.
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22 August 2009 Saturday.
Holiday begins today, and I went for an outing today with my friends.

Yesterday, I couldn't sleep properly. I went to bed at 10pm but until 1am, I was still awake. So, the story began at 8am in the morning. My sister woke me up, she thought I am going out at around 9am but I said I will only be going out at 10am. Ate breakfast [a lot], which was Roti Canai and Omelet.

S.Phing and Z.Yin reached my house at 9.30am. They checked something through internet. I went to change my cloth. After finished packing up, SyaSya hasten and urged us to move faster. We were already rushing, my sister sent us to the bus-stop. Luckily, when we reached the bus-stop, one of the bus arrived. So lucky~

We were all laughing in the bus. Everybody was looking at us. We laughed very loudly. Play to the fullest. When we reached, we pressed the bell. We went down and started taking photos. Suddenly a man talked Cantonese with me. He is from Hongkong, he asked me why I am so fluent in Cantonese. And he asked me to help him to take photos. I hope the photos I took, wasn't too bad.

We went waking around the area after taking tons of photos. We went to the back of the building and saw a guard. We couldn't go in as today is Saturday. Unluckily. We saw a contractor, just asked for some information. After that, we went to Petaling Street. We were wearing masks for H1N1 prevention measures. But we couldn't stand after some minutes, none of us wear it.

We then, reached Popular and went in. Only S.Man and Z.Yin wanted to buy Chinese novels and comics. I am surprised, they bought these books non-stop. Is it that interesting? And after that, I went to "Fung Wong" to buy some biscuits because mum said this shop is quite famous and their food is delicious + tasty.

After that, we were walking around in the Petaling Street. S.Phing holded my hand so tightly. My hand was sweating a lot. Anyway, went into a McDonald at 12 something. In the McDonald, there were two guys came to us and asked for donation. Haish, very regret that we believed them! It rained before we wanted to get home, so we have to wait inside the McDonald, and the toilet was very horrible, terrible, awful and scary.

We went out at 1.20pm after the rains paused for a while. It resumed with small rains, after that. We went walking around in Kota Raya and Central Market with umbrellas in our hand, 2 people shared an umbrella. They said I walk in a very cute way. Is it? Ha ha. None of us bought anything. We were trying to look for something but we couldn't. Finally, we saw a bas outside the Central Market. We quickly get into the bus.

They were transferring songs in the bas S.Man took my phone for a long time, I was kind of mad and angry, actually. Of course I didn't show it out but not really la. Ha ha ha. We reached Genting Klang at 2.20pm, S.Phing went homw and the rest of us planned to go to the a place where there were loads of Chinese books. But on the way, S.Man fell down and her leg bleed. We changed our plan and went to her house.

When we reached the house, it was dark. I thought no body was inside. But suddenly, I saw J.Hui there, watching TV. Everytime I went there, they will sure be inside the living room, watching TV. We played, chatted and I kept laughing. Then, S.Man's aunty from the next house came and scolded us. I felt weird because her aunty can be scolding people for no good reasons. At 5pm, I went home. I LAUGHED A LOT TODAY. THANKS FRIENDS.

Total photos taken in my phone = 80’s.

J.Eng and me.

S.Phing and me.

Z.Yin and me.

Me in front of the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

J.Eng, S.Phing and me acting happy.

S.Man and me.

S.Sya and me.

Group picture except me.

Me, the uncle and Siew Phing.

Me, S.Sya and S.Phing.


The plat.

About the building.

Jalan Mahkamah Tinggi.

Me and S.Phing introducing the face masks.

Listening to the music in Popular bookstore.

She feeding me!

S.Man, me and S.Phing.

French fries.

S.Man :)

In the bas.


Acting cute.

More cute.

S.Man's leg after felling down near the roadside.


More bores.

Z.Yin no 1.

Z.Yin no 2.



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said... fast?

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

what's so fast?
we do the folio?

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

ya lorh

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

actually, we faced a lot of problems during the visit.

but we just enjoy ourselve as it will be the first day of the holiday.

~ happy holiday ~

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

haha....ok...happy holiday!