Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No more!!

2nd September 2009.
Sunny, not too.

Today, I am feeling very uncomfortable. Woke up and went to school. On the way, I met S.Phing. She was with T.Tian. And T.Tian kept on pulling and pushing my bag. Almost falling down but probably failed her attempt.

A lot of stuff to be done and yes, I done it before the sun appeared. Inserted everything into the pendrive and gave it to S.Sya. Printed the information [of bangunan Sultanan Abdul Samad] to give S.Man for photostatting. When I reached school, I was as busy as a bee. Assembly was absolute short, or I am the one who didn't concentrate.

First class, PJK. We copied some notes and did some exercises. We wouldn't have any physical exercises as it was the fasting month. Second class, BM. We passed up the essays that we have done the day before. Teacher asked if I did it by myself and I nodded. Of course I will do it by my own, unlike someone~ And teacher gave me a quite-high-mark.

Recess~ We were waiting outside the Science Laboratory but was drived away from some prefects. We then, went to the canteen and chit-chatted there. They were pulling and pushing me. I don't know why, they love pulling my hand [ZY], pushing my back[SM] and massaging my hand[BT]. But I love it loh.

Science. Listened to the teacher on what is gravity, mass, weight and others in Chapter 7: Dynamics. This chapter is kinda boring but needn't do any hard exercises, I love it! Last class, BI. It was held in the library. We searched for some interesting books before started reading. I wondered why they don't want to read it and directly write in the "NILAM" book. I read my book and it was kind of interesting and boring at the same time.

KKSheng said something on the books while we were in the library bout SMAN and KKSiong. I couldn't do anything but to see and watch anything that happens. I must be really strong and forget the rest. It's NO MORE~ Really, there's nothing left for me. I came up with a good image, going away with a bad one? I wouldn't want that.

Bell rang at 12.30pm, was walking home with S.Phing, J.Eng and S.Sya. I was delighted to have them as my friends. I laughed a lot [a lot!]. I felt great after laughing out loud. And J.Eng told me that my laughing was like crying. Is it? LOL. Unbelievable~


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