Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday, second sister sent me to bus stop to meet my friends there. In the bus, we were making a lot of noises. LOL, that's the main reason why I prefer boarding bus with friends. And then, when we reached Pavilion, I asked them to press the bell. I am a really good navigator or tour guide; actually, I am pretending one. I brought them to the main door to meet B.Teng.

Went up to level 5 and the worker in-charge went to search rooms for us. We went into room number 29. It was quite big and nice. And we started singing not long after that. I was one of them who sing the most but my voice isn't very nice. J.Eng and Z.Yin didn't sing much~ J.Eng said her intention to go there is to EAT. And, I wanted to tell, ME TOO!!

The tables in the room were full with food and beverages. I ate and sang. I was too crazy that I sang while standing on the sofa. Sharon then accompanied me to sing “Love Story” on the sofa. J.Eng and Z.Yin kept laughing and took videos of it. I think we weren't actually singing, we were just shouting. At 3pm, finally we went out. Before going home, I poured the sprite and coke together and planned a game, whosoever who lose, will drink one mouth full, might get diarrhoea soon~

We walked around in Pavilion. We were planning to buy something, but according to J.Eng [if the thing is cute, the price is cutier]. Then, we planned to take bus to Central Market. No one have ideas how to go there. So, I took them to Sg.Wang station which was 200 metres away but S.Man kept scolding me for making her to walk in the hot sun. It’s not my fault leh!

It’s hot and I was sweating, Sya told me to take off the jacket. And those girls behind me kept saying I am too sexy. I said they very “ham sap” but just kidding. Then, Sya helped me put back the jacket without the hand going into it. I asked them to follow me but they walked extremely slow. Only Sherlin and J.Eng were following behind me. The rest were stuck at somewhere. That’s why I said “Please follow your tour guide carefully”.

After that we went home. We went walking around in Prima Setapak, looking for CDs. And then, went into bookstore. I bought a new file as my old one was all-torn. After that, I called dad to fetch me to go home. Who knows, everyone in the house came to fetch me. HAHA. When I talked to mum yesterday, I wrongly said some words and mum said "Sing till no voice already?". And eventual, yes.

Everytime there is a festival, this thingy here will change.

In toilet waiting for Z.Yin and B.Teng to reach.

Ha ha.

Waiting to go into the red box plus.


Food 2.

Cheers. Z.Yin, J.Eng and me.

Singing "wo bu pei" by Jay Chou. I hope this song can be dedicated to Andy Ang cause he wrote the lyrics and taught me this song:)

Love story~

Cheers again.



Too crazy already. Sorry J.Eng.

Singing don't-know-what song.


Am I drunk? No, I was just drinking Coke.

Just coke.

She said this photo must be published as she said I looked drunk in the photo. It's just COKE.

I can prove it's just COKE.

Sprite and coke. Nothing more.

Me, B.Teng and microphone. Too dark.

Sharon Seik Kai Sing.

It's hard to ask them to put the leg together. Friendship forever.

Left bread : Amy.
Right bread : J.Eng.
In the bus. ~.~

Traffic jamming and we were enjoying sitting at the last row.

New one to replace old one. :)



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

hey hey hey...i suggest u all dun drink so much coke...even sprite =.=....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha i knew.
dats why when going back, we got a lot coke and sprite. pour all together and played game.

xiiAo cO said...