Friday, September 18, 2009


To celebrate this long long holidays, I slept at 3am yesterday. If my eyes didn't get sour, I wouldn't go to sleep. LOL. I promised it won't happened again. Both my sisters are coming home today! But don't know why, till now, also haven't receive their calls.

First day of holidays, planning sure not very big. Just have some exercises with friends. We played badminton and basketball. But sure as sure, I was the one who played the most. Because when they rest, I was still playing there all alone.

J.Hui and W.Liang VS me alone. It was a tough one. To play with two guys who love to smash. Anyway, I played with them for a while only before I went to play basketball.
Amy: Hey, stop smashing and hitting the ball to the wall lah!
Jia Hui: Hey brother, we must be more gentlemen to girls.
... Unbelievable, I was wondering when Jia Hui became so kind towards girls ...

[ Me, SP, SM and WS ] and [ WL, BT, SS and JH ]. It is very dangerous as W.Liang is a very good player. I got to fight till the end. But our group got bullied by the other group. J.Hui hit the ball and the ball hit right on my face. But I was already ready for falling down or being hit. As I know I am playing basketball.
J.Hui: Hey, let's go up. Amy is becoming crazy playing alone.
Amy: HOI, I am not crazy lah, I don't want to waste time only.

J.Hui hit the ball until B.Teng's forehead, and B.Teng got really angry and threw the ball onto his face and his spectacles broke. Ha ha, J.Hui, be more careful towards girl!! And don't know why, J.Hui is so "yam". He kept asking me, or us to go down to swim so that he can [...]. Ah, don't want talk lah.

I miss this game a lot, really a lot. When I started playing, I remember how I fell down last year in SMKWM2's court by Ang, Adam, Shaun, WeeLee, Shi Yee and others. Embarrassing, yet great. But I think I am much happier playing with SMKWMer cause they are really into it, very serious. I miss them! And a big thank to Ang who taught me how to master basketball. Although I am not very great in it, still better than some others.

And then, the basketball fell down into the swimming pool, without thinking much, Wei Sheng asked me to take his spectacles and he ran into the swimming pool. I was like "WOW, a small hero". Then, when dad came to fetch me, me, S.Man, J.Hui and S.Phing saw a handicapped bird. We tried to save it, who knows, it ran to the road and was hit by a car, died on the spot. I am very guilty for not stopping the car. And finally home, had a shower, fresh but became very dark because of the hot sun.

The one who offended me the most. Still dare to laugh out loud.

Only know to sit and rest. Ha ha.

The small hero who jumped into the swimming pool to get back the basketball. I am afraid he will get sick.

SMKWM2 basketball court. Very spacious, and I have loads of memory there. I fell down at least, 10 times there.

The form 3 students. WeeLee, Anthony, Aru, Adam, Sharmman and Shaun. See, I still remember your names!



Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

wah wah wah.....adam looks like kian seng......o.o......except his spectacle =.=

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

by the way.......if anything wanna ask me write it at my facebook.........i cant open msn this few week....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha. okay.
and if you can go, can you pujuk kksiong to go oso? cause if kks go means everybody goes.

syasya want the whole group to go, if possible.

Jumbohead the Wilson Lai Kin Wei said...

hmm...they already said they dun want to go.....and i dunno..not sure....

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha ok.
don't mind if they don't go~
they so arrogant.