Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I?

Last year, I've a lot of best buddies. Angely, Mei Yee, Carmen, Andy Ang, Andy Lee, Vincent, Leong Siah and a lot more. They are really my best buddies. They never forgot me, even till I met them earlier in this month. They are still playful, and friendly.

Also, last year, Angely and Meiyee quarrelled and both of them never even talk a word [till now]. I never side any of them, I was a friend of them. But before I moved school, I advised both of them to get back as friends. Both of them refused, how lame! I am heart broken when I saw Angely recess alone or MeiYee wanting to be friends with her or WHAT-SO-EVER that will made them an enemy.

I enjoyed playing basketball with Form 3 members and Form 1 Chinese boys. I think I am the only Form 1 Chinese girl who dare to challenge them~ It was then, the best, when I was a group with the PRO Andy Ang, and was the opponent of Shaun and his friends. LOL~ Because Andy Ang always give me the basketball to shoot right after he got it. And we won a lot. The marks was like 50 : 18. Shaun stepped on me and made me fall. He ended up keep saying "Sorrys". It was my fault after all, wearing the baju kurung and when being asked, he said his cloth was torn a little too. Our memories are all in the basketball court. I miss the basketball court a lot.

I am really happy to meet such a good friend as Andy Ang. He is willing pay another RM1 just to take the same bus as mine. I asked him why waste money? He said tomorrow thrift abit can already, I was really touched by his words. And once, at around 4pm, he walked a longer distance road just to accompany me till my house door [as a friend], and when he reached home, he texted me, it was already 6pm as he said he was lost in somewhere near his house and my house. In school, some teachers were spreading rumours bout us because they saw us walking home together, Shaun and Sharmman told me, and I was in a great shocked. But our friendship was not very long. One day in October, coincidentally, both our friends were arguing, he defended for his friend, and I defended for my friend, and we ended up, being the greatest enemy. We saw each other in the bus-stop but just to ignore each other. That feeling is really really ..... hard. Until this year, he moved school to ChongHwa and I was in DK. We never contact each other since then.

So now, whenever I saw a boy scolded/teased a girl. I would stand far way, hardly defend for neither the girl nor the boy, it's just none of my business. I am phobia to quarrel because of these matters again. And I don't want ever to lost any of my best friends again. I don't want these scenarios to come back to me.

The BB court I will always remember..

Innocent Leong Siah~

Mei Yee. Always with me.

1A have only 3 of us as Chinese.

Side 1 :)

Side 2 :) So many ppl took the photo. Which side is nicer?

Shiyee, he is up to you now! He he :)

My forever buddies.

Andy Ang. My best pet brother ever. I will meet you again.



XxPrInCeSS SheLL said...

I hope you meet Andy back.
Because I always trust this sentence..... Friends are Made Forever!!
And Is ok even after an argue... I think , sometimes friends will just get along Hahaha.

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

haha. hope so.
but quite hard.

Fishie said...

u har wat is up to me la
i knw uuuu still care bout him..
but i am not care bout him

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

i said "he" only..
so fast realised dy..

i no care bout him dy..
just to remind myself about u all..

Fishie said...

urself know the truth

amy美琪-kaykay- said...

yea.. i knew..
no worries, i still know what i am doing :) :)