Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smile Cry Smile.

It seemed that I have not been here for a few days. How amazing, I am not writing anything since Monday :) I could at least, control myself. Today is Thursday, I feel like writing. And I would summarize everything. It will be like 1000 words become 100 words. 10times. Jimat time, jimat money, jimat energy and jimat blog. Ha ha!

MONDAY - It was a perfectly beautiful day. We were put on holidays but unfortunately, Tuesday wasn't going to be a "holly day". How pathetic. I envied my friends in SMKWM2 for having Tuesday as an extra day for Deepavali celebration. Guessed there will be a chaotic in Batu Caves. *Deeply in thoughts*.

TUESDAY - First class was BM or BI? I forgot but I only remembered that our BM teacher was absent. We were chatting, having the day very easy. After recess, SIVIK, did some exercises [was it?]. Maths, exercises or [did teacher came in?]. Last class, SEJ. Did exercises on the year-end exam in an exercise book. *Scratched head*.

WEDNESDAY - very swt. First class, PJK. We were doing exercises in the most isolated block. I sweat, we did some physical exercises. And measured our heights and weights. I was the first to measure my weight. LOL. The machine was spoilt, it weighed me 17 kg, impossible thing. BM class, was already feeling unwell for my sweat. Keep going on, recess~ And Science, didn't study, was just chatting. Last class, being in the computer lab for BI lessons, was very fun.

THURSDAY - Which was today. First class, is ......... let me have some seconds to rethink, it's Maths. Did some tough exercises, I wasn't anymore confident in doing these exercises, very nervous for the coming exam, didn't manage to memorise anything yet. Next, Geografi. Teacher was absent. Recess~ PULL PULL PUSH PUSH PULL and PUSH~ Seni, got a chance to play quizzes. And last, Moral, was there doing nothing. When it's time to go home, I walked with J.Eng, I was playful and laugh like crazy, till now, I reckoned I am having a light sore throat. =.=

So, here is it. Full of UPs DOWNs UPs DOWNs~ I admit I have "short-memory". I would forget things easily. That's all I can remember about the previous days. Hope I can force myself to come here again to write nonsense. Nonsense right? I am quite happy these days, but I am having insufficient sleeps due to some unsolved matters.


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