Monday, October 5, 2009

A day before a week.

Today is a schooling day again. Yesterday, it was an exhaustion for me to attend 4 different places in Wangsa Maju. Although I was in extreme tire, but I am very happy. I will write another post for this wonderful stuff.

I woke up at 2a m, sweating and I was having a cold. I don't want to disturb mum, so, I searched for the medicine everywhere in the house and I got it. I slept back, and woke up at 6.25am. I prepared myself and went to school. At school, I was shocked that I forgot to bring the Sejarah stuff for S.Man to photostat, oh gosh.

First class, KH. We were discussing answers for the previous exercises and teacher checked on our notes. Lucky me, I done parts of it. Next class, Moral. Teacher was absent, we were just chit-chatting. How-so-ever, the contents isn't very beneficial. Recess~ In the canteen.

Science and Geografi, teacher was absent for some PMR briefing. We were just in the class, chit-chatting, making noise, class was super chaotic. Last class, Maths. Did some exercises while teacher went down to the school hall. I forgot to bring something home. Only now, I realized how old and forgetful I am, and I started to admit it.

I walked very fast home with S.Phing and S.Sya. I told S.Phing to reach my house at around 1.30pm. And she did it. She came and I took her papers before sending it to S.Man's house. At S.Man's apartment, I kept smelling the smell there. And I remembered the days being in Pudu, grandmother house. The smelling is old and memorable.


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